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W7 r2 - that’s better!


So after an evening of trying not to eat too much cake while still judging a Bake-Off at Brownies, I got in and went out for a run - leaving the rest of the family to work out something about food! ;)

I had my excuses ready - I’m tired, Saturday’s run went badly, I’m hungry, I’ve been eating junk... but I was determined to do my best. I decided to head off down the road again, and see where I got to. Walking took me to a nicely distinctive and memorable point so I’d know where to aim for on the return half.

Past the hotels, the playing fields, and eventually the allotments - but it still wasn’t half way so off I went down the road to the left. All the way along there, as far as the bridge over the river, when Laura finally said that was half time!

Somehow the way back felt felt in that moment as though it had to take far longer, but I kept going steadily, reminding myself to keep steady... Back to the main road, past the allotments, the chippy, the playing fields, the traffic lights. In the last five minutes I alternated a minute slightly quicker and a minute steady, then for the last 60 seconds just sped up as much as I wanted.

There was enough ‘spare’ walking at the end that I could probably use the same route for week 8 - and just add another minute or two on for week 9 too. So it’s good to have a new route mapped it in my mind, which doesn’t involve trying to cross the main road and getting caught waiting for the lights.

Feeling much more positive tonight - and something tells me I’m going to sleep well! :)

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Well done you have got this 👏👏🏃‍♀️

Well done 👍


Fantastic well done 👏🏃🏼‍♀️👏 I’m running Wk7 R2 in the morning and keeping everything crossed I have a successful run like you RainbowC 🤞😁

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I’m sure you’ll be absolutely fine - just listen to oldfloss and keep it steady ;)

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I think your positivity rubbed off on me RainbowC as I thoroughly enjoyed my run today. It was muddy, lots of puddles, bit of sunshine and I kept singing out loud to my music forgetting where I was 😂 one more run then that's another week completed 😁


I hope you did sleep well... very well done you...:)

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I really did, thank you! I'm finally starting to get better at going to bed when I need to, rather than when I've finished doing all the endless jobs around the house. A bit of selfishness is a good thing, I reckon! ;)


7R2 for me on Thursday I think...here’s hoping it goes ok! Had a bad time with my first go at 6R3, nailed it on my next try and found 7R1 pretty ok last night! Feeling hopeful!!

Well done you x


Good running, and planning ahead! I did the same run this morning, and my route wasn't ideal - a bit of running backwards and forwards ensued. Am going to follow your example and try to plan a more continuous route for W7R3. Well done and happy running! 😀👍

Well done - did they ever sort out the food or were they still looking in cupboards when you got back 🏃‍♀️😅

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They did indeed - but weren't quite thoughtful enough to either put mine in the oven later, or cover it and put it in to keep warm, so I had lukewarm chips and food...! Ah well, at least I didn't have to cook. ;)


Well done👏 I always try to do routes avoiding road crossings. I find they add too much stress.

Its good to have things to mark your way.

I bet you did sleep well 👍😁

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Mr Fitbit is happy with my sleep this past few nights! :) My average for the week is 10 minutes up on my average for the month and year to date - although still rather lower than I'd like it to be...! :)


Brilliant! You are doing really well :)

Hi. I’m new on here. I’m feeling really deflated today. I’ve successfully ran two 25 minutes this week and even felt that I could go further and was actually looking forward to my third run today however for the first time in this whole challenge I had to stop after 18 minutes. I really do t know what happened and now I’m beginning to stress over my next run. What if the same thing happens again? What if I’m starting to steps backwards instead of forwards? Feeling really pants 😞😞

Everyone has days like this. I usually say “sometimes the running fairy comes with you. Occasionally she’s round the back of the bike she’d having a smoke”.

Don’t fret. She’ll be back.

Hahahaha you have a good way with words! I hope she’s with me on my next run on Tuesday. Fretting over it already 😩😩 Hopefully I will get my mojo back again 🤞🤞

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