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W7 R2 - that was HARD


Blimey, that was a struggle, not sure why. That's the closest I've come to giving up and walking a bit, but I kept running - well, 'running' is a huge overstatement but I kept my 'light jog' as Laura puts it, and just about managed the 25 minutes.

I think I might be getting a bit cross with myself for going so slowly, thinking that because Laura says I'm a runner now (!) I should be going faster - so I might subconsciously be pushing myself to go faster then puffing myself out. Which is so counter productive, when I think about it.

Please remind me that even at this stage it's OK for me to be going slower than I could walk, as long as I'm jogging?

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Slow is fine - I still go slow. Well done for completing the run - just remember to take the next one at a steady pace.


Slow is brilliant... it is the new fast!

Just relax into the runs..look around, make up rhymes, count your paces, and just enjoy. If you focus on the different tips Laura gives us, it tends to slow you down a tad.. relaxing the shoulders, rounding those ankles as you lift them and breathing steadily.

Start very slowly, and find what I refer to as my 'comfy' pace...then try to maintain that through the run :)

It is hard but you are doing this, and safely! Well done !


I had exactly the same problem at this point and not sure I have cracked it yet. I naturally run too fast but that risks not making it to the end. I haven't given up yet but very nearly. Slow is better than fast and not make it.


Thanks everyone, that's really helpful. Slow slow slow...I dont' know why on earth I get self-conscious about it because I run at bonkers o'clock and there's no-one around. I seem to have an imaginary audience tutting at me and saying 'call that running??'!! I must tell them where to go!


Good advice there. Take it won't you 🙂

You are doing great 🏃‍♀️✔️👍

belongerGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you!

Well done...and remember to always start super slowly, once you get 5 to 8 mins in you will feel better, start breathing a bit easier and have some energy left for the last bit..

Slow start is the key.😆x

You did well to keep going and that run will help with the next.

Onwards and upwards...

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