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Phew, first run in just over a week!

We'd been in holiday so not run whilst there- far too hot. Fuschl in austria, highly recommend it, we went in a heat wave tho! Mind you we ended up doing a 11k walk (the route is also a runners track for all you 10k+ bods) round the lake and a 20k and a 13k up two mountains!

Anyway, now back home and today was one of our regular run days so off we went. We had been (just) making 5k before we went but after missing 4 runs decided to just do the golf course 3.64k , without the extra to make 5k. Managed it fine. We had started doing the speed in Thursdays do might do thus next then increase distance sat.

This time I turned off runkeeper's voice thing and just did what felt comfortable. And I think it was possibly better. Considering leaving her off, or just on 5k so we know when we're done. Still like tracking it tho as can see after how we did!

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