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Longest run ever and a big thank you to everyone here in this community!

I went to bed too late yesterday but needed to get up "early" if I wanted to run before the heat. I was pretty tired when I finally managed to get out (later than intended) at 8.15 a.m. and started to run at 8.20 a.m. (again checking at my train stop clock as I still didn't get a stopwatch and don't want do take my mobile with me).

The park where I run is divided into two halfs by a street but the council had the wonderful idea to close this street for cars from Friday evening to Sunday evening. During the week I try to run routes that include less street crossing (I don't like to stop running) but on the weekend I enjoy being able to run just as I like without any stops.

Today I opted for the large route (so I don't have to pass the same point two times) that passes two lakes. It was already warm (25°C) so I didn't go very fast and didn't try to achieve a PB, my only plan was to keep going for the whole route (no time limit) without feeling lightheaded. I was sick at the beginning of my run (note to myself: don't drink sparkling water immediately before a run!) but continued and felt better after a few minutes. Well, I plodded along my route and came back to the train stop clock after 54 minutes.

I ran for 54 minutes and covered 7.36km!!!! Me!!!! Voluntarily!!! On a Saturday morning!!! In the heat!!! (well, 25°C is still very cool compared to what is to come in the next days here: forecast says it will be 35°C today, some also spoke about up to 40°C) It was absolutely unthinkable for me at Easter (I started the programme just after the Easter holidays). I didn't lose weight, I also didn't drop any remarkable inches (which annoys me, to be honest) but I feel so much better, physically as well as mentally. I started the programme because I wanted to become fitter and also because I needed some way to cope with stress. Running makes me feel satisfied and more relaxed than before.

Thank you all for your wonderful blogs that inspired me during the programme and still now, almost 2 months after graduation. Thank you, NHS, for uploading these podcasts. I began doing the programme from another page without a podcast and thus had to write down the more complicated runs in Week 3 on a post-it which I had to hold in my hand during the whole run to get everything in the right order. Your podcasts, which I discovered in Week 3, saved me from being known as the runner with the post-it ;-) I'm also not sure if I had continued without the podcasts and this (well, it was the old and a lot nicer one) page and community.

Oh, the post got longer than intended.... Well, it was something that had to be said :-)

No more runs for me until Tuesday (and I hope there won't be the forecasted 40°C).

Happy running to everyone!

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What a spiffing blog! Damned good read and I am soooooooo impressed with your distance covered. You total ***!!%%$@£! I can only run 5K 4 weeks after graduation and still find that tough! But hail to all in this community, for they shall forever be full of wisdom and encouragment!



Well done!!! You are doing so well running for 54 mins RESPECT. Just hope I can do this some day. Like you I have gained so much from the podcasts and although I could choose some better music I don't feel I can do without Laura just yet


54 minutes, that is awesome! Well done. :-) I manage the 5k in about 33 minutes and I'm pretty much done for. LOL

I don't like the changes to this page either, it was way better before..

Best of luck with your continued running. :-)


I only managed the 54 minutes because I was going really slowly (due to the heat and because I wanted to keep running the whole route). And I was really tired after the 54 minutes ;-) Interestingly I felt more exhausted after my 32 minute 5k on Thursday than yesterday after my 54 minute run. I think it's all a matter of speed.

I'm pretty sure you can go for longer than 33 minutes as well :-) Just go with the intention to finish a certain longer than 5K route and don't worry about the time. I did my first 6K 3 weeks after graduation and was really proud of me for this distance (although it was very slow).

Good luck to your continued running as well :)


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