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Week 8 run 1 - such an achievement and a big thank you to the C25K forum!!!

And such an achievement! Went to the park again and this time had plotted a route out of the park, along two main roads and back into the park again to get my car. After Friday's very very slow run in the park on the inclines I decided to map a much flatter route. Wrong!! Started off running down an incline and I think I ran much too fast here, I know you are supposed to run slowish down a hill, but I didn't so by the time I'd got to the bottom I was tired, when it suddenly went into a bit of an incline again. 5 minutes in and I suddenly had the awful thought that I may not continue. With the total run being 28 minutes I really didn't think I'd be able to continue. Especially as when I was running I could see the road I would shortly be running along and it was practically up in the sky meaning I had a mega incline to come.

BUT - I pushed through. I went through all my mental motivations and most of all, I thought of all the inspiration that I'd gotten from this forum, I thought of the posts on here, the blogs and questions and the help I've got and I thought to myself of reporting back and I didn't want to say I'd not finished a run for the first time. So I carried on.

And onto the road!!!! Well, not quite on the road but on the (very narrow) pavement. First time I have EVER run on the road - and on two very main roads leading into the city but luckily at 8.30 and not as busy as normal due to school holidays.

One of my main concerns was that I would see someone I know, also I'd worn the wrong capri pants the skintight ones with a shortish top, but I just had to ignore all that and keep thinking to myself well, they don't know how long I've done, I may have done 10K already!! Plus I had my Garmin on so I may have looked like I knew what I was doing. Although I was running at practically walking speed so maybe not!

Sorry I've been rambling on, but I'm so happy. I also want to say a big thank you to everyone on here. Everyone. Without you I'm not so sure that I wouldn't have stopped to walk for a bit. But I didn't. And running non stop for 28 mins is the best physical achievement of my life so far (apart from giving birth but I don't think I can compare the two lol!).

Thank you again everyone :)

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you havent been rambling on. its great to hear how you got on & well done on 28mins. not long now :)

it was thinking Id have to post that I hadnt managed to finish a run that kept me going & of course the support from others.

enjoy your achievement!!



Very well done Minuette - not long to go now.

Week 8 run 2 for me tonight. By posting on here that I am doing it I have to now don't I??? No slacking!


Enjoyed reading your post. Well done :)


WELL DONE! It really is a great achievement. I too ran the same run today. I also ran beside THE main road in the town and tried to ignore the traffic and possibility of seeing people I know! I have to admit I found it tough today, had a real mental challange going on with myself and was sad that I may not have made it. BUT I did finish and feel really happy about that. Tried to remember all I have read on this site to motivate me which helped.


Well done!!


well done you :) I am starting w 8 on Wednesday so I will keep u in my mind as inspiration :) we are nealy there can u believe it x


That's just great - Go You! Pushing yourself is what it's all about. I bet if you saw someone you know they would feel proud of you! A year ago I felt like a complete lemon if I went walking alone in my local park and thought about borrowing a friend's dog to walk just to look less conspicuous. But now I walk power walk or wobble-jog almost every day in the same park and what the heck! Keep smiling and keep running you are doing an amazing job and I'm looking to you to keep me going!


Thanks everyone!!! :)


You're braver than me. I stick to the park and canalside paths near me. I fear traffic pile-ups if I dragged my wobbly lycra-clad bits on to the main road. And congratulations on the 28 minutes. xxx


hey you :) really well done, so chuffed


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