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Huge thanks to everyone in this community - you have kept me going!

I started C25K six weeks ago and although I didn't sign up to this site at the beginning, I've been 'lurking' and reading posts for most of that time.

I finally started a blog because I wanted to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who has been blogging on here and supporting each other - I genuinely don't think that I would have got to this point without you all.

I found the first five weeks of the programme challenging but enjoyable and definitely caught the running bug. I was so happy and emotional after W5R3 and felt completely invincible... right until W6R1 which was appalling.

I couldn't believe how hard I found both Week 6 Run 1 and Run 2, particularly when Laura said that it should be feeling a bit easier. I had found it really difficult and downright unpleasant, and I think it was only sheer bloody-mindedness that kept me going.

I checked the forums and can't describe the relief I felt at seeing that other people had also found week 6 hard. Well, not relief that others had struggled, obviously! But relief that I wasn't alone and wasn't a hopeless case.

I still couldn't see how on earth I was going to manage W6R3, but just tried to stay calm, remember what everyone else had said, and trust the programme. I did the run yesterday, and although it was hard, it wasn't nearly as bad as runs 1 and 2 this week, and I made it. When Laura said I was halfway I didn't feel too bad, but the second half definitely felt much longer than the first! When it got to the last minute and she said to run a bit faster if I could, I had a go... managed about 40 seconds before I thought I was going to burst and slowed back down again!

Anyway, that's quite enough rambling from me. But I will be doing W7R1 tomorrow and as I do I will be feeling incredibly grateful to you all for being so encouraging and generous, even to people that you never knew were here :-). Thank you all.

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Welcome to the site and congratulations on your perseverance in making it so far! Hope wk7 r1 went ok! :)


Nice blog. Welcome to the community and well done for getting this far. Not too long to go to graduation. Now you are here, don't be a stranger and keep blogging. :-)


Keep it up - it's really rewarding, and it does work!!!! I can vouch for that (as can most of my friends who are bored senseless by my nattering on about managing to run 3 miles!!!!)

Welcome to the community - you will find it as addictive as the running!



Great to see that you've come out of hiding LOL! :D

Well done on completing the largest chunk of weeks without hassles - now you have the glorious longer runs ahead.

You may find it a good idea to alter your route now, as the runs goes on.... and on..........and on, you may get better stimulation/inspiration from seeing new scenery when you can. I changed routes about this time in the programme and, honestly, everything got loads easier and more rewarding. Give it a whirl, you might be pleasantly surprised. Good luck anyway ;)

Cheers, Linda x


Thank you all! Just about to go out for wk7 r1, it's a lovely day out there so hopefully it will be enjoyable.

Linda I'm really lucky with route - last year I moved from Reading (not very scenic) to San Francisco (VERY scenic!) so I get to run by the sea toward the Golden Gate bridge - it's pretty great for distraction and there are a number of routes down there, all equally jaw dropping :-)

Off I go...


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