Had a bad run? Keep at it! They happen to everyone!

So today was my 2nd run since I graduated and thought I'd have a change of route. Well a few small factors and a bit of bad luck conspired against me and I had my worst run since week 4!

I wanted to pack it in about 1.3KM in to be honest, I'm glad I didn't though. I didn't manage 5k but I did manage about 31 mins of running so I consider it a good workout salvaged from a nightmare start (I experienced terrible back pain going up a mountain road early on)

Anyway, point is, even when you finish this programme, bad runs can still happen to you at any point, just like bad days can happen at any point, Just don't give up, take comfort that you finished anyway and that your next run will almost certainly be better :)


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  • Hope the back is feeling better now. :)

  • Hi hdcantona - just one bad run?! I seemed to hit a wall after my graduation and had about 3 weeks of bad runs - my legs ached all the time and I began to feel that my graduation run was a fluke. But I kept remembering what Laura said 'a bad run is better than no run' so I slowed down and did a few shorter runs until my legs realised that we would not be stopping this running lark just because they couldnt be bothered and my mojo got its sorry *rse into gear, which thankfully it did. You are right, don't give up - those good runs will return, sooner for you than me hopefully : )

  • I had a bad run this morning too....only managed 3.5k including a 40sec walk break. Bad thoughts stared to creep in. So frustrating, but when I think back to April, I would have been stunned at the thought that I would ever run 3.5k!!

    Reading your post made me feel better. Bring on Saturday..... I'll be back with a vengeance! :-)

  • You're right about never giving up on a run. As Jillian Michaels would say " don't you dare phone this in" You can always salvage something from a run. I was running terribly the other day. I had to stop after a few minutes as I was so rubbish. Set off again and had to stop after 1.40 minutes! What's that about. I told myself off but spent the next 4 k stopping and starting and feeling annoyed. I found my running legs in the last km, ran my flipping legs off and got a PB for my fastest ever KM and mile! So, you can pull something out the hat if you give it time. Had I packed it in I would never have got my PB's.

    So, stick with it. Hang on in there and nail that run!

  • Here's my tuppence worth:

    I do not think everyone ahould be running 30 mins continuously 3 x per week at first. I think it is too much if you are 40 years plus.

    I think, at first, you should mix it up a bit and keep your 30 min run to once weekly. On the other days you can do 2 x 10 mins with a min in between and perhaps a speed podcast. Then every other week on your 30 min day, add 10% in time or distance as you prefer

    I suffered after graduating and felt a bit of a failure because I was so sore and achey and felt myself losing the love of running. You can build up time and distance this way and eventually running 30 mins is no sweat (okay maybe a bit).

    Do try the c25k+ podcasts as these help spice it all up after your running high of being able to run for 30 mins continuously xxx

  • I so identify with the comments above - really struggled with my runs after graduation. I found the C25K+ podcasts too much (am a slow runner) but did mix it up - sometimes depending on how the start of the run went and did some shorter but much hillier routes and some longer flatter runs as well as intervals - and somehow seem to have got my mojo back.

    hope your back feels better and happy running!

  • Absolutely hdcantona. How would we know we've had a good run if we didn't have the bad ones? Actually although you think it was bad at least you recognise it was a great workout. The important thing is you didn't give up and kept going. Hope your back is feeling better and your next run is back to form

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