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Rubbish Run

This morning I got up at 6am. Tired. Wasn't in the mood for a run but half the battle is getting out of the front door and just bloody doing it!

I set off and decided to not run 5K - just a 3K because mentally that's all I could manage. Had to stop once due to my legs saying "need to stop please!". I obliged with a 30sec walk before setting off again. Less than three minutes laters legs packed up completely. I could not muster the energy to carry on, so walked a kilometre home.

That said I DID do 3.2K so at least it was something.

Very despondent though....

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I'm not sure there is such a thing as a rubbish run DZ, unless of course you injure yourself.

A short run and a long walk beats a long couch.


Ah but think of 3.2K a few months ago? Would you have been able to run that far? You sound a bit like me on the B210K program. I only do 7k. Only? That is brilliant for someone who a year ago couldn't even run for a minute without turning 50 shades of puce!


It's more than I'm doing at the moment. :) Don't knock it - any running is good. :)


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