rubbish run

Just one of those awful runs. Attempting week 9 run 1. I ran for 30 mins last week, so I know I can do it, but it was one of those runs when nothing seems to feel right - legs like lead, feet like blocks of concrete. I just couldn't run past 15 mins, so walked for a few minutes then set myself the target of running another 1km. Did this with a struggle then walked home. Week 9 run 1 NOT completed, but actually (apart from the horrible running bit) , as an outing, when I look back on it, it was ok. - Dog got a walk, and we covered 6km altogether in about an hour's physical activity, so it was so much better than sitting on the couch. Week 9 run 1 can wait another day or two.

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  • That's the spirit! The bad runs are just good in other ways, aren't they? And 15 minutes is still much more than one minute.

  • Hi Bonnie, as Laura says " Some runs will feel better than others, theres no rhyme or reason to it sometimes, but any run is better than no run "

    Onwards ! :-) xxx

  • Glad you enjoyed being out and about even if you didn't complete the run you wanted. Some days are just like that apparently without rhyme or reason!

  • Hard to explain those days but we all have them, and you still managed to cover some distance.

    Put that outing behind you, your next run will be fine!

  • We all get 'em Bonnie! As you said, much better than sitting on the couch. Hope the next run is better for you :-)

  • Great attitude. The exercise is the thing. You'll do it next time!

  • Exactly the right attitude Bonnie. Take the positives from the run and move on. Tomorrow is another day :)

  • Great attitude, you'll go far with that! Often naff runs come from setting off too fast, probably your dog's fault!

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