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First run after graduation - and it was rubbish!


So after graduation on Sunday I set off on my first run this morning thinking "when I get back I'll definitely ask for my graduate badge". Hmmm, I don't think so. Only managed 20mins and just had to stop. That's the first time in weeks that's happened.

I think it may have been the early start - worried about running later in the day now the weather's warmed up I got up at 6, worked for a bit then set off at 6.30. Beautiful morning, running by the river, really lovely but my heart wasn't really in it and the body wasn't willing. Lead legs and at about 15 minutes started feeling sick and stomach-achey so at 20 I stopped :-(

I'll try again later in the week - my best time for running is early afternoon but I reckon evening is going to be my best time now it's warmer.

Wish me luck!

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Don't worry about it too much, we all have bad runs now and then. Better luck for your next run!

I still think it's impressive that you got up at 6am and ran for 20 minutes!

TJFlute in reply to sercreative


It's just going to take a few runs to get used to the heat/different time of day, I expect.


6am would kill me! Well done! Did you run with or without Laura? I've been really surprised how much being out of the programme has affected my motivation when you get to those "I can't go on much longer" points. You still graduated so you know you can do it!


20 mins is still a massive achievement, and you know that you CAN do the full 30. Don't be so hard on yourself and just keep trying :) x


Thanks for your kind comments everyone. This is such a great forum - lots of people interested in each other's detailed ramblings about running and so supportive :-)

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