Rubbish run!!

Worst run ever this morning!!!! Decided to try run/walk (whyyyy???) and it was horrific.

Hated almost every minute.

Calves hurt like crazy and legs were like lead.

Am sure it wasn't related to doing run/walk but it's definitely made an irrational link in my head and I won't be doing it again any time soon!

On the plus side a rubbish run is still a run so I'm still winning (just!).


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10 Replies

  • Oh that's such a shame, but as you say any run is better than no run.

    I'd encourage you not to let this one experience put you off the run walk thing, give it another try another day.

    Chin up.

    Happy running ☺

  • Thanks! I'm sure I will give it another try at some point :o)

  • That's the spirit, Arrietty. A run is a run is a run. If you don't enjoy it whilst it's happening, you can at least enjoy that virtuous post-run feeling afterwards :)

  • I surely did - possibly even more because it was so horrid and I still finished it!!

  • Welcome to the Suck, as they say. But its was just a bad run, nothing more. I had exactly the same as you yesterday. Went out to do my long run for the week but my calves were murder and legs just kept getting heavier. I was supposed to do 18 miles, but after just 4 I decided it wasn't going to happen and went home and hydrated some more - I often find if it is my muscles that die on me it is poor hydration the previous day that is at fault. I then went out and jogged with my wife on her C25k a couple of hours later and it was a lot better - admittedly I was going a lot slower and did not have the pressure of having a long run ahead, but the leg woes were gone.

    As you said, it was just a rubbish run. It wasn't a fail. The reasons for rubbish runs can be many. The thing is just to put them in context, do what you can to correct what casued it, if can determine it, and ace it the next time.

    And on that note I really ought to get my shoes on and get out and do that long run.

  • Good luck!

  • We've all had them but the weird thing is the next run is usually fab! Go figure. It was bad but you finished it and that says a lot about your determination.

  • Thanks! Yes I would kick myself if I quit!

  • Aw, poor you. Never mind, at least you got out there... It'll be better next time. Don't give up... (Kate Bush time). No running for me at all today - I'm at home feeling sorry for myself & nursing sinusitis; I'll have to make do with reading about everyone else's running on the forum instead.

  • Oh yuk - sinusitis is unbearable. Hope you feel better very soon xx

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