Rubbish run

really annoyed with myself that last nights run wasn't good, I know I'm being stupid but that doesn't make me feel better, I managed to run over 7 km , which was what I set out to do but it was a slog, the gremlins seemed to be out to thwart me for some reason as I mostly ignore them these days, but my legs felt heavy, I kept thinking it would get better but somehow it didn't. And even though I ran for 52 minutes ( longest yet) with 7 k in 48 minutes I didn't get the usual good feeling about it. I can put this down to a few things , I stupidly hadn't eaten much, I cycled 40 miles in the past week and I hadn't had much sleep the night before as I kept waking up...but these just seem like excuses, I know I would tell everybody else that we all have bad runs and at least I know why it might have been tough, and that we usually have a good run next time but its not just getting into my brain just now! Need a kick up the backside I think, I should have been happy enough with the run!


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12 Replies

  • Good distance, good time! Well done :)

    Maybe... don't focus too much on the end distance.. just run and see how it goes... that is how I have ended up averaging 7K now...For me, speed does not really come in to it, but I know other folk want to move on; it works for me.

    The idea of... I am going out for a longer run now, taking it steady... enjoying it ( which for me again, is paramount) , and then being really, pleasantly surprised when it is a goodly distance ( for me:)) Time is often between 48 and 56 minutes at the moment...but, no effort. :)

    It might work for you? :)

  • I have a few regular routes from home , so I can decide 5,6 or 7 k quite accurately and there are a few variations I can make , so I had committed to the 7k route and expected to start enjoying it after I had passed any option to reduce it, it just didn't happen last night😩 I had my tracking me but didn't have volume up or look at it the whole run, And compared to the last time I ran this way I was only 30 seconds slower but felt like I was about an hour slower! I think I will make sure my next run is somewhere completely new and hopefully that will give me a boost!

  • When I was running a few years ago I noticed similar things. Some days I would feel fine, having eaten all the normal things and ready to go get another PB but ending up giving up halfway through, like you say with the feeling of not enjoying it. I usually could tell after a few minutes that things were going bad and tried to push through. Still not sure what it is but my friend also gets it so its normal. I wouldn't worry about it, the next run was always OK its not a long term thing just another thing that happens to runners, a new experience under your belt :)

  • thanks, logically I know that but it was a bit disappointing as I've had a lot of good( even when they were tough) runs recently..

  • You're not being stupid, just feeling frustrated. It ticked all the boxes except 'enjoyed' so be proud of sticking it out and put it in your experience bank :)

  • that's a good way to look at it thanks!

  • Quite frankly you're making me feel inadequate... 7k... I just about manage 3! Well done you.

  • now I feel bad for whinging! But seriously you'll get there too, just hopefully you'll be sensible enough to be happy with it!

  • You didn't whinge, you vented your frustration which is healthy. You are an inspiration to those of us at the bottom of the hill that is 5k. And We all feel we could have done better sometimes x

  • I'd be very pleased to run 7k in 48 minutes! Don't be so hard on yourself.

  • It's funny how much a run can affect us - a great run makes the day and a bad one leaves us in a stinker of a mood (or is that just me?!).

    Still - 7k is 7k, and a good time to boot!

    So yes, sympathies and congrats from me!

  • no its not just you! I think I've got so used to having good runs that it was very disappointing, although a month ago doing 7k was unimaginable, so I should be happy! Haven't gone out since, the procrastination gremlins have earned themselves a point...but they won't win I'll be out tomorrow,no excuses!

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