Rubbish day, frustrating run

I should’ve known better than to go for a run today. Needed 1.5lbs off at slimming world this morning. After being good all week and running 3 times I only got 1lb off meaning I now have to pay again as I’m out with target range 😡

Went to pick up my shopping at Asda, waiting ages and when they brought it out 15 minutes later, there were loads of substitutions. No apologies for the wait which annoyed me. Came home to finish off my big boys room (we’ve been doing it for months and this was the final stage) and the sheets I bought for his bed didn’t fit so had to send hubby out for s.o.s bedding.

Decided to run off my frustrations, and managed the first 3 runs within wk4 r1, including the dreaded 5 minute run, which went pretty well. I was gearing up for the second 5 minute run and decided to go a longer route as i thought it was flat. Nope it wasn’t flat - the first Hill was a 45 degree incline that took me 90 seconds to run up. Totally knackered and couldn’t sustain the pace for the remaining 3 and a half minutes so I decided I needed to slow down. Managed to pull my headphones out my phone, sorted them and got my music back on. I had annoyed myself with the uphill run and not finishing the 5 minute run so decided to jog on and off to try and keep moving but struggled to get my breathing right again because I was annoyed. Then realised it had been ages since I’d heard Jo Whileys voice. Turns out when I’d pulled the headphones out, the podcast had paused 😩😩😩

Sorry for the long post and the rant. Totally annoyed and frustrated, it could’ve been a much better run and I’ve totally p’d myself off! Today has been a catalogue of disasters 😡


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29 Replies

  • Hope tomorrow is better 😁

  • Me too. I’m sure wine will make it better tonight 😂

  • Oh no!!! We all have rough runs!! I had one this morning (although not nearly as Doug has yours) shake it off, take a day to rest, and get back out there! :) I’m sure the next will be better!

  • I hope your next run is better too

  • Tomorrow is another day. Fresh start. Some days are just like that. Poor you You will certainly get results with C2 5k and ww. Two great programs

  • It’s the first ‘bad’ run I’ve had, if you can call it that. Just need to keep going. You’re right, tomorrow is a fresh start

  • Oh happens.. life does happen!!! Rest up and re-group!

    I am a great believer in.. it wasn't meant to happen.. so.. plan your route out for the next time out.. take it slower than slow and imagine paying or your shopping in Asda..... 5p at a time.. and holding up the queue for an hour.. whilst munching on crunchy and very noisy healthy snacks..:)

  • Lol, love it!

  • Wow! No wonder Slimming world is a multi million pound business!!!

    Don't get me started..............

    Sounds like you did not leave your frustrations at home but took them with you. I am sure in time that you will leave it all behind and relax at the start of every run.


    ..........said the annoyingly smug man.

  • You’re right, I didn’t leave my frustrations behind me. I foolishly thought I’d be able to run them away and come home feeling refreshed. I now think taking them with me mentally just made things worse. Lesson learned, next time, leave it at the front door and run to clear my head 👍

  • 😐 days like these eh?? At least you got out there, even though it didn’t work out...& you did run a bit so you’re building you’re stamina with every step...try again in a couple of days when you’re not so cross with yourself...or Asda...or the bed sheets...or the headphones!! And breathe.....

  • Definitely one of those days where nothing went right. Wine o’clock is calling 2 that will help!

  • I have to say...I am with you there... :) Just completely reorganised two bedrooms :) Cheers :)

  • We moved to this house in February and had it all rewired, all the channels from that were filled in and now we’re hitting one room at a time. Callum’s room has been fully replastered, all the skirtings, door frames and window sill replaced. We’ve created built in wardrobes and paid £740 just for the doors 😱. Must be the most expensive 4 year olds room! He loves it though so that’s all that matters. I’m just glad it’s over 😂

  • Phew!!!!

    And.. you are running too.. I am in awe...:) Well done you! x

  • We’ve lived in our house for 11 years and we had to spend 30k on it before we could even move in!!! We had to rent our old house from our new buyers for 3 months!!! It’s hard too when you’re living in it.....cheers Sarah_lou18 🥂

  • Cheers Oldfloss 🥂

  • I'm 1 1/2lb above target too for first time in a year so I have decided it's the running! I hope your next run is better, just keep going slowly does it. Listen to me as though I'm an expert when I'm only in week 6, 😂

  • My leader keeps saying that it will even put but it hasn’t so far, lol. Not giving up the running so might need to give up SW instead, pmsl!

  • Make sure you up your fluid intake, that's what I'm trying this week 👍

  • Read this post again tomorrow when you are chilled out and laugh.

    We all have bad runs.

    I find the best way to face some bad situation is with a smile and laughter.

    Have a glass of wine tonight. Don’t dwell on it.

    And every time you think you are having a bad run/day then compare it to this one.

    I’m smiling as I type this as your day is reminding me of the Fawlty Towers episode where he has to fetch the birthday cake.

    Keep running.

    Lee smiling.

  • As long as it can make somebody laugh, then I’m glad I posted it, lol. I’m in bed knackered but feeling better now

  • Tomorrow is a new day and breath 👍

  • Definitely, the only way is up

  • Sarah forget about it just another day in life... next time you try all this stuff you'll think why the worry... your doing so well mate don't let one day mess that up 😉

  • Thanks very much. Just been a crappy day but I’m now in bed chilling out and will get up tomorrow ready to fight another day. Will get back out on the roads in a couple of days and tackle it again. Thanks again 👍

  • Sounds like one of those days you wish you had stayed in your PJs ... here's to another day x

  • Definitely!

  • If you are that close to SW target you must look wonderful - don't lose sight of that. Tomorrow is another day, hope you didn't spill the wine too! 😁

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