Week 5 done, dusted and wow was I nervous!

Well when I started off this week I had major reservations. Run one was a pleasant surprise as thought I would be running the 8 mins straight away, but nope 5 shall be the number and the number shall be 5 ...... Run 2 and I got overconfident choosing a route I usually walk my dogs, a section of it being uphill, I did it, but was left thinking, 'wow that left me a bit red, now how the hell am i going to do the next 20 min run?'.

Last night I got to thinking about today's run and for some reason I started to get quite anxious as the thought of failure crept in. What if I just wasn't ready to run for so long? What if my hay fever conspired to bugger up my breathing and stop me in my tracks? This is a big leap from 8 mins, what do I do if it all goes horribly wrong? Morning came and anxiousness really kicked in. I had organised to do something nice today in mini-celebration and felt that if I didn't do the 20 mins I wouldn't feel right doing anything much, but moping lol.

The run: I had been so wound up I just needed to get out there and do it; even the 5 min warm up dragged, but eventually Laura counted me in and off I went nice and easy focusing on my pace and breathing and waiting to roll my eyes at sigh when the 'baby I'm king' rap track assaulted my ears ..... Laura tells me I have done 5 mins ..... then 10, I turn back on my route now and again breathing through my mouth for ease and every so often changing pace up or down depending on what my body wanted. 15 mins gone just 5 to go and am not begging for the run to cease, but I'm feeling a little fatigued..... 2 mins to go and I realise my run will halt right by a narrow boat full of people I passed on the way, so disappointed as wanted to through my arms in the air in jubilation at the end, but of course that would have looked weird. Run over, cool down walk now and I give a wry smile as I head for home, hot, sweaty a little tired, but glowing inside.

I know I know, it's only the end of week 5 and I still have to graduate, but this was a little victory and i deserve nice eats at the pub and maybe even a few beers later .... well certainly the meal lol.

So week 6 here I come. do i count as a runner yet? ;)


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16 Replies

  • Well done ryansson!! I have just finished my last week 4 run, so onto week 5 on Thurs and absolutely terrified! Hope I find it as easy as you have :-)

  • I'll keep watching with bated breath for your w5r3 post Muzik, i bet it'll be a positive one :0

  • Congratulations Ryansson. I am so pleased for you and like you I am so nervous about my 5/3 run later in the week and yes you definitely count as a runner. I'm hot on your heels so keep it up and show me the way

  • Mazz, am sure you'll be splendid just keep following me and we'll be graduating before you know it :)

  • Well done ,it's a great feeling to get the 20mins done. Now that is out of the way you will love doing week 6.

  • Many thanks, it's a great relief and am really, really looking forward to what's on the way :)

  • Congratulations! Week 5 run 3 is THE big one - much scarier than week 9 I think, because of the psychological huge jump. Enjoy week 6 and onward. :)

  • Thanks greenlegs. tep things are looking doable now :)

  • yep i mean :)

  • I am upto Week4 Run 2, I hope I get to Week 5 and cope as you have done. Looking at things, my Week5 Run 1, will be on Saturday at my local park run. Well done and keep going x

  • Katee believe me you can do it, pace and positivity are vital but i think what really helps is enjoying your surroundings. Try finding places to run that make you feel relaxed and when the run is getting tiring you can focus on your enviroment. Have fun :)

  • Well done! I did my run 3 last week and didn't think I could do it but having read the posts on here from similar-minded people I just pushed on. Yes, you are a runner! Give yourself a pat on the back.

  • Thanks! I gave myself beer last night ..... and a pat on the back ofcourse ;)

  • Congratulations, yay, well done you, see we are over half way there :-)

  • Tor did you think you would get this far? lol

  • I'm so pleased to hear about your continued success! My wk5/r3 is booked in for tomorrow.. And I'm nervous as ever, but my last run felt so joyous I'm a bit excited too! Can't wait to get the next one ticked off my chart!

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