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Week 6, Run 3 - DONE !


Well after a few days of having knees in pain and yesterday I played golf, had a good rest at home...and then got my running shorts on and went for it.

I kept a nice steady pace so didn't want to push myself......till the end!

Laura kept me informed that it was a 25 min solid run! and i was ready to do it and really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint.

I kept it nice and steady and last 5-10 mins i stepped up the base to more brisker run and kept that going till the end and WOW! I could have kept going - i LOVED it.

My advice to people who are worried with the longer run times, is just pace it....use your pace of run to control your breathing and tiredness. My knee did not hurt on this run either - so fingers crossed that has stopped.

I also jog on the spot and pushing up as high as i can on the balls of my feet for just 2 mins on the spot before my warm up walk, this helps warm the back of my legs and has stopped my legs aching - and drink 3l of water a day and have glass before your run, thats what I do. I pour a glass of water and leave to have when i get back as my reward!

Keep going...i LOVED THIS RUN !!!!!

Week 7.....i'm coming to get you.......

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Well done you.

And thank you for such a positive post it was helpful to read as I’m getting ready to go and do week 6 run 3!!

AdieJGraduate in reply to Health2020

Thank you - and you will do it. Keep going, the feeling of finishing is just an amazing feeling.

Wow! The positivity here! Well done YOU ARE OFFICIALLY A RUNNER :) x

AdieJGraduate in reply to sally1993

Thank you so much - i never thought i could run more than 5 mins !! this is a huge step and one of the best i've ever had. Covid can take my business.......government can not help our sector....but the one thing i can do is have my health and this is more important than anything.......its keeping me strong.

sally1993 in reply to AdieJ

Well said :)


Well done, sounds like you really enjoyed it 😬👍👏👏👏

AdieJGraduate in reply to Instructor57

Thank you - it was fantastic, loved it so much. My knee hurting in the week and last actually devastated me....but thank god thats behind me now. I played golf a little today, and it was there a little....but not much, but tomorrow is another run day - and i can not wait !


Nice one mate! Great end to a week. You deserve that weekend :)

AdieJGraduate in reply to Kish247

thank you so much - i'm ready to take on week 7 tomorrow !


Well done - how great is that feeling. See you in week 7 😱

Have a lovely restful weekend 😊

AdieJGraduate in reply to JulesL69

hi ya ! thank you....no rest for me.....week 7 starts tomorrow, here we go....im after you ! - i can not wait.

have a great weekend you

JulesL69Graduate in reply to AdieJ

Wow.... no rest, you will be ahead of me 😂 I will be starting on Sunday, going to have a couple of days rest then hopefully smash it 🤞🏻👍🏻

AdieJGraduate in reply to JulesL69

Brilliant - you will smash it. Hopefully is something I used to say.....but then i realised is hopefully is a word of me thinking " Will i have time, or can I do this around other stuff " I wake up on a run day and get dressed straight into my run clothes and do it - no breakfast till ive done my run ! and the whole day feels just amazing ! - do it and let us all know when you have.


Glad you loved that run, you will also love the fact that you are now OFFICIALLY a RUNNER by completing run 3 of week 6 😊 🏃🏾, onwards and upwards to week 7 which are all 3 /25 minute runs 🏃🏾.

AdieJGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thank you so so much, its a great feeling to be a runner !! Love that !!! I am so much looking forward to my run tomorrow.


Brilliant! Hopefully that will be me next week 😊

AdieJGraduate in reply to LottieMW

thank you - and no hope about it, you will do it. Get out and keep doing it. Post afterwards....its a great feeling.

LottieMWGraduate in reply to AdieJ

Will do!

Go you!! Such an amazing feeling to keep racking up those minutes/miles!!!

AdieJGraduate in reply to FurtherFaster

thank you - i agree, the feeling is just unreal. I still 'PUMP' the air with joy when I have done it ! its a great feeling.


Fantastic! Well done 👍🏽

AdieJGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Thank you Tasha99, appreciate your time to message me - its brilliant and so much looking forward to my run tomorrow. Keep running...and keep safe.

Tasha99Graduate in reply to AdieJ

Run. That’s the answer. To everything.

AdieJGraduate in reply to Tasha99

too right !


Such a great post Adie, I finished week 6 today aswell and it's an amazing feeling 😁

Bring on week 7 💪👍

AdieJGraduate in reply to Burkey46

Thank you so so much - its a great feeling isn't it. I just said to someone that when i do the run I always pump the air with joy like ive won gold and the crowd are cheering!! thats how amazing i feel when i complete it. Keep going - we are RUNNERS!.......(never thought i would ever say that !)


Brilliant, well done! Happy face again!

AdieJGraduate in reply to Roxdog

thank you ! - yeah it was an amazing run and so so so happy my leg is letting me do it again!


Great post. When you look at your first posts to now you can see just how far you have come. Well done 👍

AdieJGraduate in reply to chunkypie

Thank you - yeah, its been a huge development and something i thought i would never ever have done. And I'm so proud of myself, not once have i ever said - i don't want to do this, or i want to stop etc....i see each one has a huge goal and Im loving that feeling. I still pump the air when im done like ive won a gold medal !


Brilliant! Well done to you, sounds like you’ve got this running thing to a tee! Good advice re exercising up on balls of feet before the walk, I will try that! Enjoy your relaxation 😊

AdieJGraduate in reply to Sussex13

thank you - yeah it works well, i had the advice from a friend of mine who said the 5 min walk is great, but warm up for that too ! and he was so right - i get no pain or feelings of wanting to stop now with my legs hurting...its been great. Just done another run !.....post coming in 2 mins !

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