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Running Dependency Plan- an update (13Km)

Running Dependency Plan- an update (13Km)

Hello lovely runners,

I haven't been on here much lately due to being horribly busy at work, away at weekends and generally feeling a bit peaky meaning I've been sleeping most times in between. While I've been missing all of you I see that my presence hasn't been missed as much as that of a certain yellow-wearing-lorry-driver. This has been duly noted and you've all been removed from my will (no holy socks or dusty books for you) :D .

Anyway, I have still been running, a little less often than I'd like, and last night I completed week 4 of my made up running plan with a 13 Km long run.

For some reason (!) I'd been feeling a little daunted by the distance. Having previously run 12 Km, I worked out that running 13 km would mean running for around 90 minutes. As soon as this thought I felt a little better. I know 90 minutes is a long time to run for, but in my mind this breaks down into manageable 30 minutes chunks something like this;

1. Run for 30 minutes- Well Done! That's the hardest 30 minutes. If you're feeling tired slow down a little, you shouldn't wear yourself out.

2. Run for 60 minutes- Well Done! You're 2/3rds of the way there and you're not going to waste your hard work by stopping. If you feel good, speed up a little.

3. Run for 90 minutes- Hurrah!

Has anyone else covering long distances reverted to running with time rather than distance in mind like this?

It may just be my love of Laura and Sami which makes me feel comfortable with it. I think it definitely did help me though. Towards the ends of other runs I got worried about slowing down, taking longer to run a Km and came to look at my watch more and more wishing away the distance (despite always keeping fairly even splits) where as in this one I felt more confident to keep running knowing time was passing and that I'd get there eventually.

The run went really well with the new approach and I covered 13 Km in 1 hr 25 minutes with an average pace of 6.33 minute/km which for me is quite speedy. I think I was helped by purposefully controlling my speed over my first 2 Km, which I have a tendency to run too fast and damage my later splits. My spirits were also raised by a lovely Nadal look alike who seemed to be running my route in reverse, passing me three times with a nod :o as I tried, largely unsuccessfully I'm sure, to control my panting and grimacing.

Although last night I was very unadventurous with my route, and again left my water bottle behind, I am seriously considering taking a sugar boost of some kind out on my next long run. I would have killed for a jelly baby by my final 20 minutes last night. Are these everyone's preferred running snack?

So there, Week 5 will start tomorrow if I can get myself out of bed and ready to tackle a BGH (bloody great hill) once again, we'll see :)

Hope you're all well and happy running,


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Welcome back to the fold, good to hear your well and gosh your doing really well.


Thanks Amber C, it's lovely to be back.

Now I'm not doing C25K/ B210K I feel like my little observations are of less use/ interest to everyone and I won't write every session. But folk here are so lovely I know you'll put up with my blathering and it's lovely to see how everyone else is doing too :)


Em I'm no longer doing either C25k or B210k, I did look into doing an Asics plan.....but they don't respect the 'increase by 10%' rule.....there's a questionnaire at the beginning asking how far you can run, to which I answered: 5k. There are a few more questions to answer and then a plan is devised for you..... Much to my surprise, the second run of the plan is 8km!!! So I've knocked that on the head and am just going to do what feels right.

I think whatever plan or 'non-plan' we are following, we may still have much to share and contribute to the forum....I love reading other postings.....they offer inspiration, knowledge, humour, support and sometimes some damn oddness! We have all found a love and sometimes hate of running and love to hear from our forum mates...blathering or not!


So true, I love everyone else's running blather and it stops me blathering on about running too much to my friends and workmates who just don't care!

That doesn't sound right at all about your Asics plan, which is strange as lots of people on here have had a sensible looking plan created for them. It sounds like you're doing really well 'freestyling' anyway, and if you do ever want a plan make one up and see what the forum think of it- it seems to have worked for me :)


Hi Keenan

Always good to have a plan! These things are just plans though so don't be too hard and fast about them as some runs are better than others. You could whack a few fast 3 k's in there as they are fun and over with quickly if you're pushed for time, as that one of the main problems when you have a life.

Something to just moisten your mouth would be good. Not necessarily a water bottle. I hate carrying anything! So I take out piece of gum and treat myself half way round. A citrus chewy sweet might be good, or a jelly baby etc. They tend to go icky though if they're in the back pocket of your pants

Good luck with hills! Bloo*y things!


Thanks Misswobble, you're right about the plan; it's good to have one but you shouldn't let it boss you around :) Those 3 Kms must be a relief in this warm weather too.

The water bottle didn't sit that well with me either. I only had a couple of sips and it didn't seem worth the bother of carrying it and risking it making me run crooked and pull something. I think I need to go and peruse the confectionery aisle, I think the distraction would be as welcome as the actual sugar on such a long run :)


I think I have the best option regarding water. I hate carrying anything too. I don't want to be lop sided and i struggle with the top (even the sports tops). My husband runs with me since I fell over and we now keep each other going. He carries the water bottle opens it for me!!!!


What's his hourly rate Pollynorris?!

I have thought about putting a bottle in my porch etc and running past for it on these longer runs, but since it's been a bit cooler I'm not finding I have the same need for it :)


I've asked him and he says you'll never afford him. Not sure if that means he has a price? Humm


Love the look of your plan and well done on a great time for your last run. Have you entered a HM race? Your plan looks well thought out and it sounds like you are doing just fine with it. Let me know if you find a strategy that works with BFHs I've tried shortening my stride, lengthening it trying to run more on my toes and haven't found anything that makes them easier.

good luck with tye next run


Thank you, feel free to steal parts of it for your next challenge :) I haven't entered a race yet, I've volunteered to marshal at the Cardiff HM in October and if I like the look of it I might enter one in Spring. I'd like to run 21 Km on my own before Christmas which would seem possible if I stick with the plan.

No real tips on the hills, don't look too far ahead and pump with the arms from the look of some of your runs you've had more practice than I have :)


Thanks Em I'll try pumping next time


good work there. I have devised and retweaked my personal running plan several times since graduation, but a family crisis has become acute the last few weeks and the best laid plans of runners and men have completely out of the window. I still manage to get out 3 or 4 times a week but any idea of planned progression has gone out of the window though. Managed a 1:10 12k last night though, which I was quite surprised by. I had only really gone out for a half hour easy 5, but sorted of zoned out after 10 minutes and just kept going. Felt all the better for it physically and emotionally.

I terms of time I have the reverse problem - the first ten or fifteen minutes of a run I enjoy very little, and keep considering cutting the run short and calling it a day. After 20 mins I start feeling quite good about things, and everything beyond 30 is a bonus. I seem to think George Sheehan said something like "The first 30 minutes are good for my body, the next 30 minutes are good for me."


Hi Rignold,

Sorry to hear that you have a lot of family things going on at the moment and I hope things look up soon. I can get quite twitchy if life gets in the way of 'The Plan' in terms of running, and have to remind myself that running is a positive thing in life and I need to keep it so by not worrying about progression or being to hard on myself. I'm very impressed with your 12 K the other night, I did lots of one minute intervals with B210K and didn't find I recovered much in them at all so you must have really put some effort in. I'm glad it cleared your head a little.

Good luck with it and keep us updated, Em :)


great plan, and well done...and yes on long runs I do think in terms of time, but I also say to myself that I just have to run home ( I purposefully get dropped off to then run home...)!! Good luck with your HM plan :)


Thanks JuJu, I like your idea of running home, I'd give it a try if I had anyone willing to drive me ;)

I think these runs can be daunting and breaking them down somehow has to be a good thing, if it works- it works!


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