Week 6 Run 3 - hot fail

Wasn't looking forward to running in the heat today and just felt as though I was boiling running around the pavements with no shade. I decided to run to the woods and then give up. Once I got there I had a slight revival under the shady trees, but was really feeling the heat and couldn't face a hilly run back so I did quit after 20 mins :( I have annoyed myself giving up so close to the end of the run! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope to try it again on Sun.

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  • The heat really does make a huge difference in my opinion. Try to plan a shadier route - I was doing an out & back to make the most of the shade instead of a loop. Your frustration will probably help you next time though, many's the time I've convinced myself to keep running because of earlier frustration & the determination it gives you not to feel like that again. Remember though, you got out there & did something...you could have stayed on the couch & not even tried.

    Better luck on Sunday!

  • Thank you! There isn't much shade near my house, but I must plan the rest of my route more carefully to avoid melting! Hopefully I will feel that extra motivation next time!

  • Hi big-momma! Do NOT beat yourself up for packing in just before the end! It's REALLY hard out there at the moment and you went out and gave it your best. VERY WELL DONE YOU FOR TRYING! You could have stayed on the couch and been really fed up with yourself but you didn't - so 100% for effort! We both need to find shady runs don't we? I'm making sure I drink loads today and will try W7 R3 in the morning - assuming I can get up early enough!

    Be kind to yourself - you did VERY well getting out there at all! Good luck for your next run. Linda

  • Cheers! :) I meant to say that you must have burnt off a good few calories lugging hives around the other day! Good luck tomorrow! Wow, you are whizzing through the programme now! Must be more like a runner bean than a beetroot!

  • Hiya! I have lost - since starting out on all this - the grand total of 1kg! A lot of people have posted that the weight loss does not kick in until late in the programme. It puzzles me that I weigh virtually the same and yet friends say I look to have lost weight. Runner bean - I wish! They are slim, busy dashing things! Much better look than tomatoes and beetroots!

  • I have hardly lost any weight despite my friend estimating that I had lost a stone. It really doesn't bother me what I weigh, if I feel fit and can get into clothes! Muscle is heavier than fat isn't it?

  • You are right. At the end of the day we are really doing this to improve our overall health and well-being. Weight is like your age - it's only a number. (In my case quite a big number!)

  • Muscle is heavier than fat, they advise to measure fat loss with calipers or measuring tape rather than scales for that reason. Rest assured you are burning fat, and you're doing really well too! I read in your "about me" that you recently did the Race For Life, and jogged the whole way, that's amazing!

    So don't beat yourself up, it's hot and humid out now, trying conditions for anybody let alone us poor runner carrying extra baggage ;-) You've had a great practice run and maybe next time it will be easier. Keep going, you're doing fantastic!

  • Awww, thank you! Maybe I did need the 20 min run as a 'bridge' session this week! Must find a measuring tape!

  • I haven't lost any weight at all while doing c25k, although I lost 3 stone last year & have kept it off so I wasn't doing this to lose weight. I have definitely lost some inches though. I meant to measure my thighs etc before I started but couldn't find the tape measure so I have no idea how many but my legs in particular are more toned & I've found some stomach muscles I didn't know I had! Numbers & measurements are all very well but how you feel is much more important :)

  • I agree! Well done on the 3 stone last year anyway. I am actually starting to have definition lines above my rounded stomach!

  • Absolutely. I put on the stone I lost at the beginning of the year, but I'm still slimmer now (a size smaller) than I was in January, that's a few inches around the tummy, bum and thighs. I just judge by how much I can grab and flop on my tummy haha. It's melting away slowly.

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