Couch to 5K

Week 5 - Wow, I have got this far!

I never would have imagined it when I struggled so much with feeling sick in W1R1, or had to restart the programme after recovering from my knee injury, but I am really happy that I have finally started Week 5.

I can't say that I particularly enjoyed the run as I got pretty tired (although it probably didn't actually feel quite as tough as Week 4 as there were only the 3 runs I think), but I got through it and am nervously thinking of attempting W5R2 on Wednesday. I am still absolutely terrified of ever trying W5R3 though!

I did go rather slowly again which makes me worry that if I ever want to slow down during a longer running interval in the future, I simply won't be able to, or it would become a walk!

In terms of motivation, I don't actually know what I weigh, but I saw a friend I hadn't seen for a while the other day (who is quite into diet and fitness) and she said that she reckons that I have lost about a stone! As my diet has only been marginally better than before (and still contains far too many puddings) I am fairly sure that any reduction in my physique is thanks to the running!

Also, although I still feel as though I am unfit every time that I try to run, I have noticed that my recovery time continues to improve. I wasn't really very sweaty at all by the time I reached my front door today (which makes a nice change). I am sure that this will not be the case after W5R2 though!

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i'm due to start week 5 on Wednesday and i am papping it lol although now i have found my 'pace' (ploding alon mainly) i am finding each increase so far easy to deal with. good luck for R2


Thank you! You must also be getting fitter with finding the increases easy so far! Slow is the way forward is what I believe now! Good luck with starting Week 5!


Hi not so bigmomma! That was a nice blog. I'm so pleased your friends are seeing results in you - it must feel very satisfying that the effort is paying off for you! I have 1 more W4 run to do and will then be starting W5 - on Friday! I don't look at the runs before I do them but I think I must be improving a little as I end up further away from home for the 5 minute cool down! I need to go in the mornings before the heat starts - or I'll be salad again! Good Luck for week 5. You'll do it, I'm sure!


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