Week 5 Run 2 :)

After a stressful day at school (everybody panicking that they only have ..x.. number of rehearsals left before performances - number varies depending on which year groups I am working with at the time!!), I thought I'd get out and try the second run of Week 5. I was also thinking that if I ran tonight, I had a choice of Thursday or Friday, depending on how the days have gone at school, what time I get home and, most importantly, what the weather forecast is!!

It actually seemed quite easy - once I had got into a rhythm I just kept going, trying to guess at what point Laura would tell me I had run for 4 mins or I had 60 seconds left!!

Interestingly, although I ran exactly the same route as Sunday, Strava measured it is 0.5km shorter!! And although I was definitely running faster, my average time was therefore slower!!

Anyway - kind of looking forward to run 3 - but knowing what it is, am a little nervous about it!!

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  • Well done x its a great feeling to know what we have achieved x x

  • It is!! To think that 5 weeks ago we were running 8 x 1 minute and today we have run 2 x 8 minutes!!! Wow!!

  • Well done!

    The tracking apps a very fickle things, aren't they? I swear some of them do it on purpose.

  • Definitely!!

  • Good Luck for run 3!

  • Thank you!! ๐Ÿ˜•

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