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The dreaded Week 5 Run 3. Done!

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Just come back from the run. It went surprisingly well. I literally was dreading it as I struggled with W5R2. I was tempted to repeat that run but thought I would give Run 3 a go.

It was hard, but found that I didn't struggle with my breathing quite as much, though some breaths were still difficult and almost started getting a stitch twice. Luckily somehow managed to avoid both.

There was one point when I wanted to stop and walk so badly (must have been around the half way point) but again managed to work past that.

Just so happy to have completed this run and even happier that it definitely wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I had expected, especially after run 2.

Can't believe I only have 4 weeks left!

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Well done. That's a big hurdle, physically and mentally, overcome. Good luck with week 6 :)

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Brilliant! Very encouraging, I'm off for my 20 min run in a bit, when I've had my tea!

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When you say tea, do you mean food or a drink of? Running after eating is not my, ahem, cup of tea. It all sloshes round and feel yucky. Maybe that's just my cooking though!

Well done, feels like a real achievement doesn't it? Completed my w5r3 last Tuesday after repeating w4 and also r2 of w5. I was so happy, seems like an important milestone. Glad you resisted the temptation to walk and won the mind battle. Onwards and upwards to week 6. ( did run 1 last night and trying not to think about the 25 min run 3).

Week 4 sounds hard enough but it's great to hear when you get past hurdles like that point when you really wanted to stop. Fab work!

Brilliant. Really well done. If you can run for 20 minutes you can run for 30, so you can start looking forward to your graduation. Just take week 6 slowly. It can be a bit of a shock after the euphoria of w5r3!

Thanks for the advice :) I've just had a look at week 6. To be honest the 25 minutes in itself doesn't scare me now that I've managed 20 minutes. What I find "scary" about it is going back to spending less time running and having walking breaks, to then jump from 10 minutes to 25!

Yes, that's why week 6 can take you unawares! Take it slowly and you'll be fine. Don't forget, the programme works.

I've definitely noticed that it works already. A few weeks ago I could barely run 30 seconds!

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It's a great feeling doing that run isn't it.

I had the same concerns as you re week 6 - it is hard but it must be the right thing to do - look at us all now - runners! We are off that couch and running :-) :-) :-)

Good luck with week 6 - once you've done that the rest really is do-able.

Well done for getting this far :-)

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