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W3 R1

first run of week 3 went ok actually, felt all the little stones that jumped into my trainers, felt every bruise from 2 days of being up ladders over the weekend, however the first 3 min run went very slowly (but it was all up hill) kinda laughing thinking of someone peering over a hedge at me bobbing! second was a breeze even the breathing, felt cheated with only a 3 min end walk though so did 5, weather was bright and breezy, perfect running weather looking forward to run 2

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Well done Tor! I'm off for run 2 of week 3 this morn. I always end up doing more than five mins cool down as end up turning back a little late but am sure on the podcast the cooldown even though announced as 3 mins was 5, maybe a fluff? I don't see any reason why it would be shortened when running longer.


Thank you, good luck with your run too.

I don't think it matters as long as you do at least a cool down (have been known to do an extra 35 mins as ran out too far lol)


Run went great, always nice leaving a narrow boat in my wake, but, could even do that walking lol. Started raining the minute I stepped out of the door which was really nice and cooling and a little bit dramatic ;)

Managed to get distance right too today. the running gods are smiling on me.


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