Graduation and Birthday!

Wonderful start to the day, I ran 34 minutes, too happy to stop! (Covered 4.68 km).

After set backs with shin splints and a quad strain it's taken over two months, but here I am!!

Thank you everyone for your support and I know it's been said many times, but, 'You can do it!!'

Right, off to eat cake and drink pop...



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  • Happy birthday and congratulations on graduating ! Double celebration ! Enjoy it ;-)

  • Thank you,runningnotwalking!

    Hope you're enjoying your running...


  • Double congratulations - graduations and birthday! Have a brilliant, happy day of celebrating - after all, the sun is shining and it's the weekend! Relax and enjoy your new age and graduate status .... It'll be rotten Monday soon enough:(

    Great news, keep on running ... Cheers, Linda x :)

  • Happy birthday and congratulations on completing the program! What a wonderful day this must be for you, enjoy it thoroughly!

  • Aww that's fab! Well done and happy birthday!!

  • Congratulations and Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cake, you've earned it :-)

  • Thank you so much everyone, ate a lot of cake but it's not every day you're a graduate and 40 something! Off to bed to dream of the next challenge...

    :D x

  • Congratulations on your graduation and happy birthday - definitely a day for cake :)

  • Thanks, still in shock I think! Glad to see you're back and enjoy your running! :-)

  • Congratulations and Happy birthday.

    Great little spin off of C25K - eating cake without remorse :-)

  • Thank you and still have some cake left! Have my post grad run soon so as you say, can be smug :)

  • Cake AND pop? Yay - that's a celebration! CONGRATULATIONS! You must be feeling pretty damn good! Well done! Happy birthday - and many more!

  • Thank you, well it was 'wine pop,' tee hee! Yes still feeling great, waiting for my little green badge to appear, heavens I'll be so bigheaded...


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