Graduation Day!!!

Graduation Day!!!

Well, I did it. I've graduated!! :-D :-D :-D

It's raining hard here this morning - but I've been looking forward to this run all week, so nothing could dampen my spirits.

I stuck to my tactics (don't look at Ms Garmin until you REALLY feel you can't do any more. The result - 4.74km in 34.08. I didn't think I could grin that wide. And a fastest Mile too!

Mind you, it has taken me 9 weeks to learn that if I reversed my current route that most of it was downhill and not uphill - I never realised I was a slow learner until this morning :-)

But seriously - without this great programme and, more importantly, the support, encouragement and advice of you fabulous people I really couldn't have done this. All that and only virtual cake for thanks. But Thank You all - you're all amazing.

So, New Shoes, Champagne and cake for breakfast. It's Sticky Chocolate Fruit Cake - my graduation, my choice!!!! :-)

I did it, I'm doing it, I love it!!!


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  • Well done Sazzle 44 you have made it!!!! congrats...... a glass of bubbly & a slice of cake please!!!!!!! well done.....:-)

  • Thank you :-) - not sure I'm sharing today!!

  • Congratulations! Wow, what an achievement, and really great time/distance. You've done yourself proud!

    I love the pic as well. Hope the cake tastes extra delightful today ;)

  • Thank you so much Tomas. It's rare for me to indulge in cake but today is a definite exception :-)

  • Woo Hoo ! Yeeeeee-aaaaaaaah , Way to go Sazz ! :-)

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!!!!

    So , so pleased for you , you smashed it !!

    Its been an absolute pleasure following your progress on here and seeing your beautiful cakes .

    Have a fantastic day and enjoy your cake , you are soooo worth it :-) xxxx

  • Awwwww cheers PP - I did, didn't I?

    I love it on here, no way you're getting rid of me though, I'm going to give as much support to others as I've been given by you lovely peeps.

    The cake, if I say so myself, is scrummy :-)

    Have a fantastic weekend my lovely xxx

  • Aw, you too xxx

  • Well done great time that :)

    mmmmmmm chocolate, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm champagne :)

  • Cheers Zev! :-D

  • Well done Sazzle. Have a great day reflecting on your awesome achievement. Lovely cake - yum yum

  • Thank you :-)

  • CAKE, CAKE!!!!!!

    well done :)

  • Thank you :-)

  • Beat graduation pic ever! Well done!

  • Thank you useit :-) Feeling good - thanks for all your support and comments along the way :-)

  • That is fabulous! Well done. What a buzz. Can't wait to get there in a couple of weeks. Hope I get cake too!!!!

  • Aww thank you Pip - it's a great feeling - keep going! :-)

  • Wow - well done - :D

  • Thank you :-)

  • Wow, well done Sazzle44!! Congratulations, that cake looks absolutely amazingly delicious. I start week 9 on Monday. I'm going to get a cake to celebrate too at the end it's a great idea and great incentive (for me anyway!)

  • Thank you :-) Good luck with next week, but I guess by now you know you can do it! Good luck and happy caking :-)

  • Yeah, you've gone and dunned it! :D Well done you! It's great that you did most of the programme going up the hill rather than down - even if it wasn't on purpose. I think that gives you extra Brownie points for gumption. That cake looks scrummy, as per usual.

  • Thank you :-) No point doing things the easy way :-D

  • Tadaaa! Many congratulations to you! (those shoes are a lovely colour and that cake looks aMazing)

    Cool runnings Sazzle, let the fun begin!

  • Thank you :-)

  • Well done cant wait for that week, seems a long way off yet though.

    Just done Week 3 Run 2

    Congratulaions :)

  • Thank you

    I know graduation will seem a long way off to you right now, but stick with it - each week brings a new challenge and a new sense of achievement. If I can do it anyone can! :-)

  • Right! First things first. Gimme the recipe for that cake at once!

    Woooohooooo, wowers, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha. Congratulations and a big-up well done Saz. You did it. Fab-u-lous. That felt so good didn't it. Great thing is that you can do it again the day after tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Graduation Day and bask in its glory. Enjoy your cake and fizz and the afterglow of your hard work and rewards gained

    Time for new running adventures!

  • Lol MW - it's bad for you......but here you are

    I picked this as my graduation cake on week 3 - it's been worth the wait!!

    Can't wait to continue my running journey with you all :-D

  • Congratulations its a fantastic feeling to have completed the programme, here's to the continuation of your running!! Well Done!!!!

  • Thank you Mat - it certainly is!! :-D

  • /************************





    Well done, congratulations. Is it only me who looked at your photo and my first thought was 'nice shoes!'?

    Recipe please!!!

  • Thank you MarkyD - you have great taste ;-)

  • Fantastic! Huge congratulations - enjoy the celebrations and the new shoes! :)

  • Thank you :-) I will!!

  • Well done! Congratulations! B*gger the cake and champers, I want those shoes!!!! :D

  • Spoken like a true runner!! Thank you :-)

  • "A true runner" - You've made my day! :) x

  • Congratulations and really well done, Sazzle.

    All three items in your picture look fab.

  • Thank you Dunder, and thank you for all your support and comments on the way :-)

  • Oooh yes , meant to say, that is a brilliant photo Saz :-) xxx

  • Cheers pp - I can't wait to pop the cork - and I'm not sharing!!! :-D

  • Ha ha , I don't drink !

    Only Yorkshire Tea by the bucket for me ! :-) xxx

  • You can have a slice of cake instead then - I won't tell ;-)

    I don't drink anymore, miss it really - think I'll probably have a very bad head in the morning :-D

  • Oooh don't mind if I do !- Thankyou :-)

    Ah it is a special occasion after all! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations,! And in the rain too,thats real runners spirit coming through! ๐Ÿ˜Šlove the photo๐Ÿ˜Šmake sure you bask in that feeling all day/week long ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Thank you - I will, great feeling :-)

  • well done S44.

    So you dare to tempt me with CAKE and CHOCOLATE CAKE at that, while I'm on salad and chicken. Well the one thing I can't resist is temptation, so post the recipe please. Love the shoes, very pink!

  • Thanks rmnsuk!!

    It's Chocolate Fruit cake, so obviously constitutes healthy eating and at least one of your 5 a day :-D

  • Congrats, look at your lovely badge! Great pic, fab breakfast, love the shoes xx

  • Thank you - I know, fab isn't it!! :-)

  • Congratulations! \o/

  • Thank you Arrietty :-)

  • Well done! I'm due to graduate on 14th June according to my diary - the same day I fly to America on hols. Determined to do it before I go and encouraged to read about people who are graduating every day. Only possible problem is I need to do a week 8 run next Tuesday before I get into my best frock for a family wedding. This running is getting a bit addictive, nothing will stop me!

  • Thank you - it certainly is addictive - keep up the good work - if I can do ity anyone can! :-D

  • You certainly know how to celebrate in style but guess what.... You've earned it ! Many congratulations !

  • Thank you :-) :-) :-)

  • Congratulations Sazzle! ๐Ÿ˜€And what a yummy cake ( although I think the mars bar one was my fav!) I should have been graduating around now myself, but am stuck on the injury couch feeling a little sorry for myself. However, when I read these graduation posts the little fighter in me knows it will be my turn eventually! Enjoy your running.

  • Thank you Sandra - sorry to hear you're not good. Hope you're soon up and running again, I'm sure you will be :-)

  • Corrr! WOW! Brilliant! Amazing! And that's just the picture of the cake!!!

    Seriously though, congratulations on completing the plan successfully. You are now a fully fledged member of the Graduate Running Club!

  • Very well done!! Throughly deserved!! What an achievement!! So happy for you!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • Thank you Angel-Cake :-) :-D :-)

  • Thank you Dugonga :-D

  • Many congratulations Sazzle. That's brilliant! Great photo and I love the shoes. With your talents I thought they might be a cake! Enjoy your evening and your future running adventures.

  • Thank you irishprincess, and thank you for your supportc and lovely comments along the way. Funnily enough my last cake was a shoe - but a Laboutin, not much use for running!!! :-D

  • Many congrats to you. I love those running shoes! Great colour. Keep on running we graduated in the same week!

  • I know susie - how cool are we??? :-)

  • Congratulations - I finish tomorrow and although I'm looking forward to it, I'm also looking forward to posting it on here and joining all the amazing people who took that first step on this fantastic journey.

  • Aw well done Sazzle, you deserve that cake.

    I should graduate next week, and I am going to bake a cake as a treat, I love lemon drizzle cake. So next Saturday I hope to get up early go out and do my final run, then bake a cake and enjoy it, haven't had cake since Feb!

  • Good luck, but you know by now you can do it! I hadn't had cake for nearly a year despite baking nearly every was worth it though!! Go for it :-)

  • Well done. Many, many congratulations. That is a pretty impressive pace for graduation too :)

    One Q: How have you managed to make your graduation picture look like a Valentine's Day photo?????

  • Lol - it's my love of running that does it!!!

  • BTW - I am ssssoooooo going to cook that cake. Thanks for the recipe link :)

  • No problem - one tip though, be prepared to cook it longer than the recipe - mine too 2 hours 15 and was only just enough :-)

  • Congratulations - it's an amazing feeling isn't it?! And nom nom that cake looks amazing!!! And who'd ever say no to a glass of bubbly - girl, I like your style!! ;)

  • Very well done - that cake was well earned! Congratulations. :)

  • Thank you!! I did enjoy that slice - although I'm so very good I've still got half the cake left :-D

  • Fantastic well done!!xx

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