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Isn't this running milarkey a bit strange sometimes?

Graduated back in March and been loving my running, not always hitting 5k on every outing but more than happy to be out there three times a week and running for 30 minutes or so. I know there are good runs when something just clicks and you go "wow, this is amazing, I could run forever" and bad runs when all you want is for it to be over. However, today I went to do a Parkrun, really enthusiastic (had bought new kit yesterday and REALLY felt the part) and up for it. As it turned out, I must have stopped and walked at least half a dozen times (haven't done that for months) and my time was slowest it's ever been. Just don't understand what went wrong (ok, yes, I did have a few wines last night but that wasn't a first and I was still in bed at a reasonable time) and I felt great setting out. The only sense I can make of it was that a lot of it was in my head - on one hill section I remember 'me' telling myself that this was too hard, that I couldn't do it, that I should just walk - I did walk, but fortunately I didn't listen to 'me' telling myself that I should just stop altogether, give up and walk back to the car because I wasn't a runner, I looked ridiculous and my legs were going to give in under the weight. Was quite dismayed - hadn't heard that 'voice' since about week 5, when I thought I'd kicked it into touch :-(

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Don't despair! I had a couple of Parkruns just like that, it all felt ok until the start then fell apart. :-(

I can't Parkrun every week as I work shifts, so it's been a few weeks and I felt quite nervous this morning in case it happened again; especially when our start was delayed; but all came right today, phew! I'm sure next time you will have a 'good' run; but at least you beat the 'go home' gremlins today and finished!

Good luck for your next run! :-)


That can happen to us all its hard and frustrating, put it behind you the next run could well be your best ever. A runner who is training for a half marathon had the same problem at my Parkrun the other week but she just stopped altogether! She went back out later that day and got a new PB for 10K smashing her old one by over 45 seconds. It happens to us all even well experienced runners.


last time I graduated I had trained on the flat and found that I couldn't cope with an incline of any degree...this time around I am starting out already running up steep inclines, there are good runs and runs where snails rush past you, but keep it up for being out there is the best feeling in the world :-)


Don't worry, sounds like you were just having an off day :( it's hard sometimes when you set out feeling good & something happens & it all goes a bit wrong. Those are the tough runs & just getting to the end of them is a massive achievement. Anyone can run when it feels good. Only a real runner can push through & do a 5k when their head is telling them to stop!

Keep at it!


Only a real runner can push through & do a 5k when their head is telling them to stop! .... That's a brilliant line - you should copyright it


Thank you all for your much-appreciated support & encouragement, proving yet again that this forum is a wonderful resource for sharing our ups and downs!


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