W5 R3 - is 20 minutes running with a chesty cold possible?

Yes it is!!!!! I felt a lot better this morning so, having taken an extra days rest for this damn cold and not wanting to fall too far behind, I decided to give W5R3 a go and if I wasn't up to it, at least I'd got myself out there again. Bitterly cold here this morning but I resisted the temptation to run quicker to warm up sooner, and settled into a comfortable pace that didn't bother my breathing too much.

Well it just whizzed by. I felt full of running and didn't ever feel as though I needed to walk. Even at the end I was breathing evenly and not gasping as I have at the end of some of the other runs. I'm so proud of myself and can't believe I have done 20 minutes. I dreaded this run almost from the start - yes I peeked, I don't like nasty surprises!! - but really it was such fun. The programme really does work and prepares you so well. I know week 6 is going to be tough but I'm feeling positive and ready for the challenge. Can't wait!!


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10 Replies

  • Sounds like you had a really good run! It's weird the way you just kind of settle into the 20 minutes, isn't it? I couldn't believe it either. W6 isn't much tougher, just don't rush the first run. And then after R3 you realize that barring accidents, you're going to make it through the programme, and that is such a good moment!

  • I really hope so. Can't wait for W6R3 to be told I'm a real runner!!

  • Brilliant, Fraz. Well done. It's a really good moment when you realise you CAN run for a whole 20 minutes. Sounds like it went really well.

    Know what you mean about nasty surprises, I always peeked at the next week's runs, and (this is really sad) last night I whisked through Laura's 5k+ podcasts at home, to try and work out which is the least scary one to start with! (Answer: they all seem equally daunting!)

    W6R1 for some reason is a killer, maybe just a reaction to returning to intervals after the high of W5R3. But you'll be fine.

    PS Hope your cold is better soon.

  • Thanks Sooz! I'll be taking Mitt's advice and pacing really slowly for W6R1. I also have a friend who's going to come with me so will listen to the podcast the night before then just time it for the real thing. I'm hoping the added company will provide the distraction I need to get me through it.

  • Well done Fraz great run. I'll be there on Sunday and at the moment I'm not looking forward to it but we'll see what happens.

  • Trust me it's nowhere near as bad as you'd expect. You've done all the runs leading up to it so I guess your body is prepared. I honestly expected not to make it just because my chest is so bad but it was surprisingly easy compared to what I expected.

  • Great job Fraz! I had a cold during week 5 as well but I lugged through it. Week 6 was a rough one for me but I think partly due to my cockiness of coming out of a 20 minute run and still fighting cold/allergies. Keep up the great attitude future graduate! :-)

  • I'm definitely still erring on the side of caution for W6. Thanks gdeann :)

  • So proud of you, Fraz. I'm not too far behind you (W5R2 tonight). I feel the way you felt about the 20 minute run in W5R3. I'm dreading it, but have decided a change a scenery for that run may be just what the doctor ordered. So, I'm planning on running at the park this weekend. Thanks for sharing your progress. It gives the rest of us alot of hope and motivation. Good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Well done! Surprisingly do-able isn't it? I have just come out of week 6 and found it really hard, but keep pacing yourself properly and you'll be fine!

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