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W7R1 - a little bit American sitcom?

Well that's week 7 run 1 done, and I really quite enjoyed myself.

During the walk and the first bit of the run I kept getting the giggles, as the music on the podcast made me think it should be playing over the opening credits to a 1980's American sitcom. Every time the saxophone popped up I started laughing; passers by must have thought I was a lunatic.

The run went pretty well for the first 20 minutes and then I was very tired for the last 5, but managed it OK - although needless to say there was no sprint finish, despite Laura coaxing me on.

One thing that threw me slightly was that for the first time I used Endomondo to track my run. I had it set to say when I passed each km, but what I hadn't realised was that it would pause the podcast. After the first 1km point I was running for about 20 seconds thinking 'This is a dramatic pause' before I realised what had happened! So I was somewhat hampered by having to fish my phone out of my running belt every km and start the podcast again. I probably should have just turned the setting off but I wasn't sure how, and trying to work it out while jogging along in the sunshine didn't seem the best way to find out.

Really pleased that this was so much easier than W6R3. I think I felt much more confident when I set out, as I knew I could already do the distance, and that made all the difference. Roll on next run, hope it's the same or even a bit better.

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Bizarre as my endomondo just speaks over the track. So track/podcast keeps playing in background.


Thanks Tiger, that's interesting and I assumed that's how it is supposed to work. I haven't got any music on there at the moment (it's a Windows phone but my music's on an iPod) and I did wonder whether there's an extra 'linking' step I need to do to, or even whether Endomondo works with music but perhaps not podcasts? I suspect I might have missed a step somewhere and will have a dig around in the help files and see.

On the plus side I really liked seeing the stats when I got home, and the 'tortoise' and 'hare' icons for different bits of the run made me laugh.


Mine suddenly started doing that after not doing it, so I deleted Endomondo and reinstalled it. Not had the problem since.


Mine did the same. Agree with willow fae. Weird tho in this hi-tech world we live in. It still seems to be the answer to all our electrical problems switch it off turn it back on I. Well done on your run


Well done! We thought the same thing about that music - we figured set in an office/ financial place! :-)


I think RunKeeper is better :) x


Thanks everyone, will try the old 'switch it off, switch it on again' trick :-) Hermione I'll give runkeeper a try as well. I like Endomondo because it uploads automatically to myfitnesspal but always worth giving a new one a try I think.


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