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There really isn't such a thing as a bad run

First of all, a huge thank you to those of you who gave me support and a friendly kick up the back side yesterday. That was just what I needed!

I hadn't been running for three weeks, and with my 10k race in 10 days, it was certainly about time to get back into the swing of things. The support from this forum helped me find the motivation, so I went out after work.

The last run I did at the beginning of the month was 9 km, so I started off by telling myself that if I could repeat that, everything would be fine. During the warm up walk I changed my mind and thought that I could probably run 6 miles. that would be a great prep for a 10 km race. When I started to run, I almost immediately felt out of breath, and kept telling myself that I could do this, I've done it before, it's not so bad, come on, just a little more, and a little more.

After 6 km it was enough. I couldn't run any further. So I walked for five minutes, and then started to run. That gave me another 1.5 km. Then walk five minutes. Tried again to run, but this time I only lasted 200 meter before giving up. So I walked home, but made sure that the total route was 10 km, so I at least have a baseline time for "worst case" on the race.

So... as a smooth run it was pretty much a huge failure. But as a run, as a proof to myself that I can get back into the swing of things, it was a big success. It wasn't bad. It was good, for it got me into the groove again. Counting on my fingers, I can do another 10 km on Thurs, Sat, Mon, Weds and then rest until the race on the Sunday. So 4 times more... not by any stretch of the imagination enough to work on speed or anything, but at least it will give me some preparation.

I chose to see this as "always a good run, never a bad run".

Thanks again for the support yesterday. It was just what the doctor ordered. You guys are amazing!

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Aw, I'm so glad you are feeling better about running your 10k now. I think that you will be almost back to where you were quicker than you think, and that on the big day you will find more energy and motivation from the excitement and support along the way. And, you will finish it one way or another and that's so much better than the position you were in the other day. Really do wish you good luck and well done on getting started again.


You don't need to do 10 k four times in the week before the race! That will probably wipe you out!!!

I am looking at a 10 k plan and in the week before the race it suggests "Monday - rest, Tuesday - rest, Wed 4.8 k at race pace, thurs - rest, Friday 4.8 k jog, Sat rest and Sunday is race day" (or whatever day your race is)

If you desparately want to prove you can do the 10 k before the big day I would do it earlier in the week rather than later, eg tomorrow?


Great that you are back running again. I wonder if you tried to run too fast from the go and that's why you were out of breath so quickly? Also as MissW says, you only need to do one 10k before the race (if that), or you will be knackered! I was in a similar position - in April, I did my first ever 10k race 10 days after taking a post-op four week break (having got up to 9k before). This was my plan, in brief: Thursday easy 5k (first run for four weeks). Saturday 5k parkrun. Tuesday 5 miles (8k). Thursday 3.5k easy run. Saturday 10k race! So I hadn't actually ever run the full 10k before the race, but I did it and was thrilled. It was quite hard work but a lot of fun. So you will be fine, try slowing down a bit on your longer runs so you can breathe comfortably, and very best of luck!

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Hey, take it easy, you need some rest and gentle runs before your 10k!

You obviously haven't lost your fitness if you can still run 6k in one go.... do your 4 runs by all means, but no big runs!

Good luck for your 10k


You're probably right, and thanks for getting me "back down on Earth again", misswobble and TurboTortoise.

I'm keen to prepare as much as possible, and my idea was to try to get my body somewhat used to the distance. But you're probably right that it's too late for that and it will only make me exhausted for the race day, and thus set myself up for failure.

So thank you for the advice. I will heed it, and do something similar to you, TurboTortoise.


Don't be hard on yourself Tomas - aiming for 10K after a break was probably a little bit ambitious, but hey - "you ran for quite a way anyway". I wouldn't be doing a load of 10Ks before your race as I think you'll be too tired... I've got my first ever 10K coming up this Saturday and I had this great plan to get me there... and then I got injured and threw my plan away... Basically, in the last 3 weeks I've done :

Mon - 5K

Wed - 5K

Sat - 10K

Tue - 4K

Sat - 10K (had a busy week at work so no Thu run - didn't matter in the end as this was faster than before)

Wed (today) - 5K

Thu - Rest

Fri - Rest

Sat - RACE!


I'm glad you've changed your mind about those 10ks, I was about to give you a friendly ticking off ;-) As I said in your last post if you get the 10k in great (take it slow and easy keep your energy for the big day), but that 9k is in the running bank and if you can do 9 you can do 10 on the day no problem. Have faith, training is not undone by a few weeks, and the adrenaline will kick in on the day and get you through.


Hey Tomas , glad you got out there. Never mind the speed just complete the distance and you will feel great! Good luck!


Glad you're out there and running again and even gladder that you're not trying to run multiple 10ks before race day. Just do what you can this race and use your time and experiences in this race as a baseline for subsequent ones. Good luck!


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