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Bit of a step up?

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I did wk4 r1 yesterday and am feeling gutted as I didn't manage it all! I had to walk for a bit in the middle if my second 5 minute run. It felt like a massive step up from week 3 with half the recovery times and pretty much double running times. I took my niece out with me for a bit if moral support but think it made me run too fast. I was over the moon that I had managed 3 mins 5 mins 3 mins but cross with myself that I had to walk for a bit in the middle of the second one. I just don't know how to run for longer without getting exhausted! I am very unfit!!

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Just slow down.... I am always saying it...(famous, or infamous for it:)... but, it works... the runs are all making you stronger, each one building on the previous one... but the runs are different... and are part of the structured plan which develops our running disciplines.

Some runs, particularly Weeks 5 and 6 have gained a reputation for difficulty...( some particularly scary posts historically...) but, as with all the other runs, they are achievable if we take it steadily.

Just relax into the runs, up your rest day exercise too as the strength and stamina needs to improve as the runs do get longer.

Maybe, because you had to walk in the run, repeat this one, taking it much slower and then move on. You can do this... just build up gradually and in a slow and steady way. :)


What is the saying..never work with children or animals...? Children and young people move very quickly!!! :)

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NeverbeenarunnerGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I think you are right. It feels embarrassingly slow so I speed up a bit!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Neverbeenarunner

You do it your way... you are running.. and there is, believe me, no such thing as too slow..( unless a lion is chasing you of course) :)

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Blame the children for overstretching you. I think it's a subconscious thing to try to go faster, even if you see a dog walker!!

Go slower, set your own comfortable pace .:)

You still ran for 11minutes, could you have done that 4 weeks ago?

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NeverbeenarunnerGraduate in reply to Jell6

No I couldn't have done it 3 weeks ago! I do think how much I have improved already. I think i did go too fast but it still felt like a bit jump. I will be doing my w4 r2 with the family at Parkrun. I will keep the 5 year old with me for company!!!

It will be my w4 r2 this Saturday and I’ll be doing that at my local park run! This will be the first one I’ve done, hope Sarah doesn’t mind, but I’m going to have to change it round a bit. Don’t fancy walking away from the start line at the beginning doing the warm up...

As Mentor Oldfloss says , it is so important for us all to find our very own slow and steady.🤔👏👏

It is this mantra that is at the core of everything C25k,and will let you enjoy this gift to yourself and allows you to build your running body and running brain.🌟👏👏

All runs are great learning experiences on your journey.👍

Enjoy them all.🌟👏👏

Just noticed this is your first post.🤔

Have you had time to read the FAQ Posts.🤔

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I think it’s running with your niece made you go too fast! I did the same when I ran with my son I felt like he was thinking “I can walk faster than this” so I went faster! I didn’t feel great at the end 😬 I bet next time you will smash it going along at your own pace 😀

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