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1st Post Grad run SUNDAY

Hello folks

Tis my first post grad run tomorrow (Sunday) and I'm wondering what or how to handle it? Laura's C25K podcasts are now history and we've come to a mutual arrangement. I'll download the Stepping Stones AUDIO FUEL poddies but before I do those, I'll have a few runs on me todd.

So, I have a new playlist. No BIKERGIRL it's not Rick Astley's comeback album "Please give me another crack!" - I've got Deep Purple, Elton John and a cracking Travelling Wilbury's rocker to keep my legs a runnin' and a skippin'!

So with lycra boxer shorts ironed and ready to keep the boys in check, I'm gonna hit the road in the morning. You never know, I might report back!

Oh! The Rolling Stones are doing a Pensioners Benefit at Glastonbury tonight. PLease give generously. Paramedics are standing by in case Keef keels over mid "Satisfaction"!!!

Allez tout le monde!


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So come on then Dan - how did it go?! :-)


Sadly it has been postponed to Monday morning owing to forces quite beyond my control. I shall report back so stay tuned!


Aha! Well enjoy it when it happens, looking forward to hearing about it. Today will be my second no-Laura run and I'm definitely finding it... different!


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