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Post-grad run. Oops!

Well that was a disaster.

After graduating the programme on Sunday (still haven't got my badge :-( ) I went for my first post-graduation run after work today.

I was really tired and had been having THAT internal conversation all day, I'm sure you know the one, the one that goes "Shall I go? Am I too tired? I'm definitely going.Can I be bothered? etc".

So, I decided to go but told myself that I'll just do what I feel like doing.

The result was that I only did 20 minutes and walked for two breaks within that.

So, lessons I have learned from today's outing:

1. If I'm having THAT internal conversation, ignore it.

2. If I don't set a target for the run I'll give up too easily

3. I'll feel better for going whatever happens.

I intend running next on Friday. Hopefully I won't be so tired as I've got a training day and won't be dealing with the usual room full energy sapping anorexic patients.

See you Friday my lovelies.

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Thanks for the tip re setting a goal/target! Will bear that in mind for when I make it to that stage!


I've realised that as a natural lazy-arse a target is essential for me!


Glad to hear you're running again after your graduation blog. You received so many warm thoughts, you must be a very special lady.

Have fun Friday.


I was touched and very moved by the wonderful support I received on graduation. I'm very lucky. X


Belated congratulations!! I look forward to getting to that stage!


Sian ... you still went out and ran :) Have been having the same conversation but I haven't even graduated .. think I need targets or podcasts to keep me going .. I need Laura to tell me what to do.

Keep up the running and hope you get the graduation badge soon x


I find I need to set goals for myself too. If I don't commit to a certain time, I won't do it, plus the first 15 of every run are crappy for me anyways. :-) Great going in getting out there. It takes motivation sometimes after Graduation to continue with a schedule. :-) Gayle


Hi Sian Great advice from yourself and everyone who responded. I know how tiring it is running after work so i know where you are coming from. You still gave it a go though, really well done. Lets go for a synched run on Sunday. Love Ed x


Synched run with obligatory phone call. Its a date x


Roll on Sunday my lover x x


One day we'll do a synched run in the same county, it'll be more fun. You'll have to keep waiting for me to catch up though xxx


At the same time hopefully x x


Surely that's what synched means?? Xxx


I meant the same time and place x x


One thing that works for me is stating to myself why I am doing each session, examples:

- I'm going to run for half an hour just because I can

- Horrible day, I'm going to run away from it

- I'm going to see what happens if I go for longer than 30 minutes

- I'm going to try that route with uphill stretches that I've been avoiding

- I'm going to try doing some quicker sections in this run

This approach helped focus my archery practice so that I got more out of each session than just pulling the bow, good luck!


I like this idea Stega. I shall try this on my next run.

Great that you got out Sian! Even if the demons are haunting you. I think setting goals is important. As Steve would say 'keep running' :)


One of my (marathon-running) colleagues has a poster on her desk proclaiming in very large letters:

"Even the worst run ever is better than no run at all"

Well done - you got out there and did it! And even only 20 minutes is 20 minutes better than if you hadn't won the conversation with yourself!

Good luck with the target setting!!


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