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4th Post Grad Run

Yay! Run today :)

I've behaved myself and listened to the advice given by the supportive members here (Thank you) and resisted the urge to run without rest days in between.

4th Post Grad Run this morning and intend to smash my last runs stats which were 7.47km/41.23min, well that's the plan anyway, even if I run for just one extra minute I'll be happy :D

I'm still using the Zombie Run App and I'm on the 4th mission now, I'm finding it fun and interesting, it definitely helps, I like the way you can integrate your own music playlist within it. I've not been brave enough to switch on the "Zombie Chases" setting yet though!! :D I did tick the option last run but when a warning/disclaimer popped up "You are enabling chases AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please run safely - stay aware and give way to moving vehicles at all times." I unticked it (Chicken) :D

I've finally got around to filling in my "About Me" bit on here (though it's not that interesting).

To all those running today, may the sun shine on you, stay safe and enjoy!

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Silly Ap did not record distance for the first 5 minutes but I still managed to increase my time by 5 minutes to 46m36s, distance recorded was 8.20km. It was hard going to point where I was close to throwing up near the end (sorry TMI) :( .... onwards and upwards.


Wow - impressive time and distance! Is this definitely you 4th post grad run???? You'll be doing a half marathon in a few months at this rate :-) I might give that app a try seen it mentioned a few times



I think my joints might give in before reaching Half Marathon Status but who knows if you'd said to me 3 months ago I'd be running 8K I would have laughed :D


I read your "about me" bit- what an amazing story! Well done, the before and after photos are almost unbelievable! (can see I'm not the only one watching/ reading Game of Thrones :D )

This is very impressive :)

And well done for today's run too!


Thank you Monemy :)


Also impressive story you say it's not for an interesting read but it really is! I'm an a&e nurse and treat people with similar conditions related to diet and lifestyle - when you tell them this they stick their head in the sand - people will not change because they are not of the right mental attitude! Simple

You really are an inspiration you have achieved so much in such a short space of time - bet its nice to be able to kick a ball around with your son (presuming thats the boy in the photo) get up out of the chair easily and so..... It's the little things that count :-)


I don't use the words lightly when I say it has been completely "Life Changing" for us all. I was in a very bad place, constantly in extreme pain, prescribed and literally chain fed powerful painkillers every single day for years, a constant vicious circle, trying to cure only the symptoms not the cause and with a hypersensitivity to a ton of drugs including anti-inflammatories I was a Health Professionals Nightmare :(

There were days when I could not even do the most simplest of tasks I'm ashamed to say. Something had to change and it did thankfully and all our Quality of Life has improved for the better.

The most sobering thought I have and the thing that keeps me motivated into staying in shape is that I know 100% that if I had not made those changes when I did that I would now no longer be here; because last year I was admitted to hospital with a suspected Gallstone problem and they waited 3 days to operate, trying to avoid doing an emergency operation, instead opting to send me home and admit me properly at a later date (Normal procedure). When they finally did operate and they discovered the breach in my bowel, the Peritonitis was so far set in that the surgeon said to me post-op that I'd had no more than 2 hours left. So if I'd still had a BMI of 50+ on that day, I think we can safely assume they would not have operated and as we live a good hour away from the hospital that I would no longer be here. So that's My Motivation and I determined to continue on with it!

Thank you for your kind words :)


Oh wow!!! That's all I can say!! That really is amazing, well done you sounds so feeble, a fantastic story everyone should read when they are doubting themselves.

Great stuff x


Thank you Souki :)


I just posted this on Malcy's blog to you before I read this one so will repeat here:

I just read your bio; Wow! What a story. You have my complete respect for all what you have and are going through :) The change in you is fantastic too! Absolutely inspiring!

Great run too! You are doing so well except for being a chicken! :D ;)



Thank you Sue, you also, along with many others here are also inspirational. :)


I've just read your story. It's so honest and clear and brave. Well done you .


I read your story too - a fellow 'game of thrones' fan I see. Gotta love Ayra!

Well done for making these changes to your life. :-)

A word of caution, if I dare (I usually suggest not giving advice unless its asked for, but here goes..) after I graduated, about a month before you, I really pushed my self to go further and faster every run. I am goal orientated and it felt important to me to 'do better' every time. Then I hurt my ankle and counldn't run, or ride (horse) and barely walk for 3 weeks. It felt like a life sentence to me as I HATE being still. Anyway, since then I have been kinder to self and only gradually increasing distance or speed. Maybe that's what your doing talready anyway, but remember to give your self at least one easy run a week! :-)


Thank you.

To be honest this evening I am hurting more than before, I've also noticed that my right achilles tendon is tight sore as well as my legs in general being quite stiff. Maybe that's the warning from my body and I am going to listen to it. I don't intend to run now until Monday at the earliest.

Because I know how my mind works it would absolutely break me to have to stop now due to injury and to have to start again, so thank you for advice it has been headed. :)


That is a very moving story. You really have come a very long way in a short space of time. Amazingly well done. I think I can see why it is so hard for you to resist running every day, when you've come so far - must be hard to rein yourself in! So well done for that too! Care for those joints and bones!



Thanks Greenlegs I did listen to what you and others had said to me earlier this week in a blog and I have been taking my rest days from running, I guess I also need to be mindful of how soon and far I push myself on runs, which I promise to do! :)


That's an amazing story and truly inspirational. Long may your running continue.


Thank you for the kind words :)


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