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New to blogging

Hi everyone,

I've been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now and love the advice and support you guys give each other, so I hope you don't mind me joining in.

I actually wish I found this forum sooner, as I had already started my Couch to 5K journey, and I'm using a different app to you guys. (I don't have Laura in my ear motivating me during my runs!) I'm reluctant to change apps now so I hope I can still be apart of this community?

Anyway, my story is, I'm 33 mum of two who has done little to no running since school. A group of us at work have signed up to so the race for life on 21st June as two of our colleagues have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer so that is what originally made me start the program, but now I'm actually beginning to enjoy the runs! So I think I may have caught the bug! My next run is W5 D3 which I'm hoping to do tomorrow, but it isn't the big 20 min constant run like on your podcast, that doesn't happen until W6 D3 so feel a bit behind to you guys.

Your stories, whether they be your struggles, your successes and of course your graduations are certainly inspiring me to carry on so thank you!

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Hi Jefna! Welcome to the most supportive blog page on the planet! This is a great community who are really kind and inspirational towards each other - and a bit mad sometimes too, which is good! I didn't know that there were other pod casts to download. Could you send me a link please or is it not as good as Laura's? Good luck with your running. I'll look out for you!


Hi Beek!

Thank you for the welcome!

Haha yeah some of the posts have made be chuckle! But they're all very motivational! I actually think it'll help me on my journey and also encourage me to continue after the program!

The program I'm following is just an app I downloaded from iTunes called Ease into 5k. I don't think it is as good as yours as there are no pep talks to keep you going, just the beeps to tell you when to walk or run!

I suppose they both achieve the same end result even though they are slightly different.

Thank you for the good luck...I need it! Haha


Hi Jefna! Welcome to the c25k forum where you will find a lot of motivational blurb to keep your legs moving and your mind entertained!

Keep us posted as to how you do. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say that we are all interested in keeping you going! Well done.



Thank you Dan!

I sure will, and thank you for the support! I love hearing how everyone else is getting on, it's amazing to see how well everyone has progressed!

Good luck in your journey too!


Welcome to the forum. If your current app suits you then probably better not to change at this stage. I have found a "live and let live" approach from other members of the forum whilst, at the same time, giving lots of support and encouragement. Hope you enjoy the rest of your current programme, there's plenty of follow on podcasts for after you graduate. All the very best.


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