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Hello! I began my new lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise since 2nd Jan and have to say I am really enjoying it! I have lost 11lbs so far mostly with calorie counting and the type of food i'm eating but have planned on increasing the exercise as I want to feel fitter to! I begun the couch to 5k run last week and completed the first two but I came down with a cold on the Friday and had planned my third run for the week on Sunday but found myself not having strength to get out of bed!! Considering I don't usually get ill i was so disheartened and more annoyed that I couldn't complete my first week! I'm wondering whether i should re-do the whole week or just do the 3rd run when i'm feeling better and continue week two straight after. I just feel like a cheat not doing all 3 runs in one week! How have you guys picked up after illness?

Thank you for any comments in advance! :)


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  • I think you'll be fine just doing the final run. Amazing weight loss - well done. It will probably slow down a bit now, but don't get disheartened - 1-2 lbs a week is a much more sustainable target. Hope you'll soon be fighting fit!

  • Thank you very much! Yes i was expecting it to slow down to 1-2 lbs now, this forum is great so far for support though, so glad i found it :)

  • Bad luck Strawberry! I'm no expert (only just finished week 6) but I'd say listen to your body, and if you're not feeling 100%, rest. I think more experienced runners are able to cope with illness a bit better but for those of us just starting out I think it's important not to overdo it - it's so easy to get demoralised if you have a 'difficult' run. It's taken me about 10 weeks to get where I am so far, (had a very 'cold-filled' December) so I wouldn't worry about not being able to do all three runs in one week. Maybe redo run 2, and if you feel ok after that finish off with run three 2 or 3 days later. You'll still have completed Week 1 :)

    P.S. It's incredible how crotchety I get if, like you, I haven't been able to run. My wife keeps wondering what's happened to her husband and who's this strange man in his place ;)

  • I know, considering i was an absolute run-a-phobe (you get what i mean! ha) before it's surprising how excited to carry on I am! I love the change, you're right though! I'm definitely not an experienced runner yet and just proud of my change in attitude at the moment :) Think i'll maybe do some lighter exercise until i'm 100%. Huge congratulations on you finishing week 6, that's an amazing achievement! I love how inspiring and encouraging everyone is on here. Thank you!

  • Hope you feel better soon. I am supposed to do wk3 this week, but not sure I'm quite ready so am going to do maybe one wk3 session and two wk2 sessions. Trust your body. I echo what the others have said, rest and get yourself better. I am so pleased to be doing something I enjoy. Well done for starting running and hope you enjoy your next run!

  • That's a good idea doing a bit of each week to build it up! Thank you very much, glad you're enjoying it :)

  • Don't worry about the weeks, as long as you build up and don't get ahead of the plan. If you want to re-do a run, do it! Good luck :)

  • Definitely don't think i'll be jumping ahead at any point! ;) Ha Thank you! :)

  • Don't treat the weeks as "calendar" weeks. Treat them as a set of levels. Just make sure you complete each level at least 3 times and that you feel ready to move on. If you don't feel comfortable moving up, repeat your current run again - once, twice, however many times you feel like. Completing the programme in nine weeks is just a guide as to the sort of length of time you might need. Some of us took much longer to get there. The key thing is that you are getting out and getting moving. In a few weeks time you'll really feel the benefit.

    Oh - and well done with the weight loss, by the way.

  • re the "weeks" -- this above is good advice. Most running training plans are defined by "weeks" - but our bodies don't know what weeks are - they only know what effort is. Our bodies slowly get used to an increased level of effort that is asked of them. Slowly, they get better at doing something - and then is when we ask them to do something harder. This is my understanding of how we improve/increase our physical fitness.

  • Thank you! Yes, I think it was just a mental block, i'm generally better at sticking to things if i'm strict with myself and have specific days set out. I think I will learn to be more flexible as I continue and learn to work along with life's little hurdles! :) Thank you again!

  • Congratulations with the weight loss, and congratulations with having lasted till the end of January so far. So many new years resolutions seems to peter out towards the middle of the month, but you're clearly made of sterner stuff!

    As others have said, don't get too focused on the programme being measured in weeks. If you need to redo w2r3, then do so, but if you feel you're fit to move on, then go straight to w3r1.

  • Thank you very much! Yes, I feel like it's something i can really stick to especially finding this group as the motivation and support is great! Determined this time and having things to look forward to definitely boosts the motivation on these cold days! :)

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