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Don't want to lose weight! :)

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I know this is going to make some of you go green with envy. I am a slightly built person with the right BMI. I have been running regularly for around 4 times a week (with my Runkeeper sub 65 min 10k plan). I noticed that I have lost 3 kgs in the past 2 months.

I know that aerobic exercises don't help in building muscle mass. So I am doing strengthening on days when I don't run. I also have pre-run snacks & a good meal post run. Yet, I have been losing weight. Another fact is that my appetite has actually gone down after my regular runs. I hope there are some people in this forum with a similar problem. Need help / pointers! Thanks.

26 Replies
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You could use myfitnesspal to monitor what you eat. Don't eat to many sweet things, that path might lead to diabetes...

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to crox

Thanks. I think now Myfitnesspal works with Runkeeper - will try

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Yes, I was slightly surpised to see that my weight has also dropped by about 3kgs since graduating. Apparently I have a BMI of 19, so there shouldn't be a lot to spare, but as I feel leaner and fitter now that's what matters most to me. These measurements are used as a general guide and don't always work (eg. professional rugby players). If you're feeling good, carry on doing what you're doing - eat healthily, exercise and enjoy the benefits. :-)

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to Landesman

Landesman, Thanks. Always thought there should be a lot of runners who are lankier than me, lol :) I have a BMI of 20+, fast approaching 19. A good thing that happened in the past 6 months for me is that I have healthier food habits, will definitely continue with it.

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Landesman's advice sounds good - a bit of change from all that running isn't very surprising really - especially as you're running in very high temperatures, from what I remember?

I've actually put a little bit of weight on since I started running, to my surprise (I've never put weight on before in my life, except when pregnant) but I think all the treat snacks have rather a lot to do with it. So I don't recommend that! :) Plus not running much in the last month, as it's been hot here. Though it's not as hot as India, so perhaps I should get out there now and stop making excuses!

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to greenlegs

greenlegs, you are right, I WAS running in high temperatures. But with the arrival of monsoons in June, it is a very pleasant weather here. It can't get any better - except that I miss on some of my runs due to heavy rains :(

Honestly some of my earlier difficulties with the hot weather, were more due to my (mis)handling of hydration during the run. I needed to carry water during my run always, which I wasn't. Should not be difficult at all, try out and let me know how it is like running in hot weather!

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to CouchCarrot

Bit late replying to this! I did go out and run in the heat, and was surprised to find that I could do it - though I didn't like it all that much! So I only did one hot run, but now it's cooling off a bit I've started up again. I'm even more impressed by you graduating in all that heat now!

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to greenlegs

:) I am glad you tried. It takes some getting used to, just like we got used to running 30 mins straight after struggling for a 60 sec run to start with!

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I don't think I've ever seen a chunky long distance runner so I wouldn't worry too much so long as you have a healthy diet and don't go without. Yep I've gone a grotty green colour reading your post ;)

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Oldgirl, no need to go green! Wifey tells me that I am going to vanish in thin air someday (poof!). Everytime Mom sees me, she pleads with me to eat more. A friend of mine gives me a concerned look and tells me to stop all this running, and "Get healthy"! So it is not easy handling this ;)

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OldgirlGraduate in reply to CouchCarrot

My eldest son was skin and bone not an ounce of excess fat to be found, in October he will be 40, yikes did I just own up to having a 40 year old son!!! Anyway to cut a long story short he is filling out, he now needs to buy 34" trousers as 32" are a bit tight! Oh I forgot to say he's 5'11" tall too. So don't worry so long as you eat well and eat enough to feel well and for goodness sake don't stop running.

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croxGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

You've never seen me running then :-)

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I've lost about 4/5kg since doing C25K from Feb and my appetite also dropped. Apparently running releases a hormone which regulates/suppresses appetite, although it did coincide with me cutting out chocolate, crisps and cakes for six weeks (not now) and the drop in sugar also made a difference to my hunger response. I'm pretty slim and my BMI is 19.5ish. I've actually not been running much recently and me weight has remained fairly static but I've noticed the past few days I've been hungrier and I think it's because I haven't run for a week. Interesting. As long as you eat well I wouldn't worry. I started eating lots of (unsalted) nuts which are obviously quite calorific but with lots of healthy stuff in them.

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to Tati

Tati, I always suspected that some hormone is conspiring to suppress my appetite! It is a good idea to try some healthy fats like Nuts. I will give it a go.. Thanks.

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If you feel OK and have no worrying symptoms I would contnue to enjoy your food ( most importantly) and more importantly enjoy your running!

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to ju-ju-


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with this heat you have probably just lost water, I wouldn't worry if you are feeling healthy otherwise, not green with envy, everybody is different (would be boring if we were all the same) I have found I don't want to eat anything I just want to run, even when out walking I have this strange urge lol here's to graduation :-)

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to tor41

Thanks tor41! Yeah, it is funny that with all the calories we are burning, our appetite goes down.

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I am midway through week 5, and with a BMI of around 30 could desperately do to lose a few pounds but upto now I haven't lost anything. I think I probably don't eat enough, as work full time in a busy NHS hospital ward and never get a chance to have proper meal breaks, and then eat on an evening when I get home.

I used to ues myfitness pal app to log my food intake, I may well have to go back to that.

I am a bit wary of my next run,,week 5 run 3!!!!!

couch carrot, it sounds like you are doing everything ok, agree a few healthy nut snacks may help you x

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In the circumstances, it might be worth totting up your calorie intake and what you may be expending on exercise and if the answer isn't abundantly clear from that, having a chat with a doctor about the weight loss.

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to GoogleMe

Thanks. I plan to track my calorie intake with Myfitnesspal and see how I match with what I am expending.

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The standard BMI formula is now considered defunct for people within the Normal Range so I would not read too much into that. I also noticed my weight decrease considerably once I started regular longer runs but for me personally that's a bonus :).

If your appetite has gone then a High Carb Protein Supplement Drink may be useful post run/training,

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to OlsBean

Thanks. I plan to track my daily intake and measure it up against what I burn. I will take a call after that.

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Wow, some great advice. CouchCarrot, it sounds like you are definitely on the right track. I would recommend an annual physical though, just to be sure there is no underlying reason for your weight loss.

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rayagirl in reply to rayagirl

Oops, I just noticed that GoogleMe already suggested seeing a Doc. :)

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CouchCarrotGraduate in reply to rayagirl

Thanks. Yes, I am very regular with my annual checkup.

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