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To all of you who remember me, I'm back! I never really went anywhere but had stopped blogging since life got in the way big time. BUT, I have been running regularly for over half an hour, three times a week mainly on the Stepping Stone/Stamina/Speed podcasts, or else to my own playlist. Talking of which, it is a sixties through to One Direction playlist (feel free to follow me on Garmin) and I can't help noticing how they got away with murder with the lyrics forty years back!

Anyway, have been following many threads incognito and want to tell the 60+ newbies, that yes they can do it. I'm not 60 yet but hope to be so at the end of this (yucky so far!) year, and if I can run faster than my daughter so can they :-P

I now own abs -- ok so it's not a striking six-pack but I'll be proud to don a bikini this summer. Didn't even have a flat tummy at 18 :-D

I've slowed down a bit -- I think due to cold and the enormous stress I am under, but I'm not worried, I'll improve once the temperature rises and things settle. Looking forward to comments from my "old" blogger friends (and any new ones too of course), your Italian correspondent, Delia :-)


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37 Replies

  • As a relatively new blogger, but one who saw some of your blogs before Christmas, I'm really glad to see you back, and that you're still running. I envy you your abs - but maybe I too will one day have a flat tummy! I haven't yet managed to persuade either of my daughters to run, but maybe that's good, so I can build up an advantage!

    It's great to have an Italian flavour on here again. :) Take care. xx

  • Hello greenlegs! And thanks for the welcome

  • Welcome back to the blog, Delia! Good for you for keeping up the running despite life getting in the way, especially over winter. The days are stretching and spring feels just round the corner - it's certainly easier getting out there! Best wishes. :)

  • He Oona...yip spring is definitely in the air :-)

  • As one of your 'older' friends, good on you Delia! I did the Beatles 'Yesterday' with one of my classes last week and the younger members 'looked' at me... :-)

    So next week we are having, on their recommendation, the Swedish House Mafia with 'Don't you worry child' :-) (which has a really good beat, I've added it to my running ipod)

    Looking forward to the spring too. Everything's still all white here. I haven't Garmined for a while but George Michael and I still run 3 times a week on a treadmill and our knees are doing well, 18 minutes running today.

    'Speak' to you soon! xx

  • Hi 'older' friend ;-)

    Carrie Ann (The Hollies 196something) is about a school girl and an older man...a sixties version of "Don't stand so close to me" wothout the PC... but maybe it's just my wicked mind! xxx

  • Good to see you around Delia, no matter if you've slowed I think it's fab you've kept up your running in a difficult time. & a flat tummy too!! Good for you :-)

  • Just stuffed myself with an Italian Sunday lunch followed by a Rum Baba made by me....mmmmmmmmmmm xxx

  • welcome back delia. I too listen to one direction & will be off to accompany daughter who is their biggest fan, at the O2 a week today. have been polishing up my dance moves & learning the lyrics to their new album! twas my birthday this week & I got a card that said youre not old until you start embarrassing your chidren so am gonna give it a go :)

    happy running delia. looking forward to your blogs again. shelley x

  • Well, at least you get to see One Direction, next month I take Clarissa to see Justin Bieber -- I wanna go in disguise!

  • justin bieber!! ooooh you lucky thing :) I saw 1D last year in brighton accompanying daughter so I should know better. advice now ~ if its anything like 1D was then you may want to invest in earplugs. soooooo much screaming hehe

  • My two girls aren't into Justin Bieber or One Direction - we have all manner of loud rock (eg Muse) pervading the house instead (I blame OH). My aerobics teacher sometimes puts JB on as "music to stretch to". I did threaten to strike (but need to stretch too much so that would be counterproductive). Eventually I worked out that he's just a modern Donny Osmond. Still not what I'd prefer to listen to but I can block it out. Haven't been to a concert in years ...last was Simply Red... enjoy your upcoming nights out!

  • So glad to see you back my friend!! :) I know you haven't been having an easy time of it this year; sounds much like the year my colleague at work is having too so feel for you.

    I know that running has been your release during this time and isn't it just great to have found that and for it to be of such help? Well done you for keeping it going and regularly too; it would be so easy to just stop......

    Welcome back Delia and I look forward to reading more from you when you are ready!

    Big hugs to you!

    Sue xoxo

  • Hi Sue! I'm back and ready xxxxx

  • Welcome back Delia, I do remember you. Sorry things haven't been easy for you. It's great you're still out there running.

    Best wishes,

    Susan :)

  • Thank you dear Susan xox

  • Hi Delia,

    Welcome back friend :-)

    Pleased to hear you're still running and hope things are gradually sorting themselves out.

    I'm not sure about running to One Direction - but if that's what floats your boat fine.

    I finally started running again on Thursday (I did write about that first run - called it The Good, the Bad and the Ugly) and I've been out again today. I won't bother blogging it as it was fairly uneventful - I did a Stamina podcast but had to take a couple of walking breaks during it. I did manage the final 5 minute "sprint" (haha) though.

    So good to hear that you'll be bikini shopping for summer! Still not certain that I could brave a swimsuit quite yet but who knows, especially if I do the 5x50 (see Swanscot's blog) :-D

    Ann xx

  • hello dear Ann

    Yes Swan is incredible isn't she? Have you seen her Garmin record?

    Swan's energy puts everyone to shame! I find Stamina downright knackering, but I struggle through it all the same! Swanscot deserves a medal :-)

  • Och, didnae be daft woman! ;-) I'm just enjoying playing while I can. I know too many people who would love/would have loved to be able to run, cycle or even walk to explore this beautiful world we live in and are unable to do so, for various reasons. I'm so grateful for my health (even my silly IT band!), that I feel I can't NOT use it to get out and about and explore.

    Oh, and welcome back to this community here. I know we've 'seen' each other in passing on Garmin connect, but they is only so much you can write in the run record there! xxx

  • I love the "Och didnae..." my students would love to listen to you!

    Love delia xxx

  • Welcome back my Italian correspondent, whether it's following your globe trotting escapades or reading about your local runs, they always make me smile :-)

    Sorry life has been tuff recently, but hope it is easing, take care.

  • If anything life's got more complicated, but all things will pass eventually and to quote Monty Python, it's best to look on the bright side, innit?

    Hope to start globetrotting soon -- my next talk is in Innsbruck in May and I shall pack my running shoes, of course.

    Thanks Phil xox

  • Oh nice to see you back and bloggin again, I love your little witty and honest comments.

  • Hiya Burstcouch (btw, I always misread as Butterscotch!) thanks a million, Delia xox

  • Welcome back Delia. Good to hear you have kept with the running. I have not been so good at blogging either but have kept up the running too. I love your positive approach to everything. It really encourages us all. Keep up the good work. Happy running! James

  • I've been watching you James and you are doing great on your way to 10K. Happy running to you too, Delia :-)

  • Thanks for that too Delia. James

  • Welcome back Delia!! We are still running but not blogging. We ran an hour today working into our final week of B210K. Happy to see you back and look forward to more postings about the Italians in tights. We don't see many if those in Kansas. ;-) Gayle

  • Wow 10K!!!! Great to see you Gayle and greetings to Steve :-)

  • Welcome back, Delia - lovely to see you again! I'm sorry life is treating you so badly this year, so I will hold good thoughts that things improve for you.

    Annie x

  • Cheers Annie xox Just back from a knackering Speed podcast :-)

  • From an old friend ;) who is happy to be able to read your blogs again. Well done for keeping up with the running and I am terribly envious of your bikini body. I'm not envious of JB though - I think that would scare me more than running away from zombies! Have a lovely time in Innsbruck. :) xx

  • I've seen your activity on Garmin -- although very quickly so far as am at work -- looks incredible! Wow!

  • Think Garmin may have a slight glitch today. I've been out walking the dog at 56.5 mph apparently! :-/

  • hahahahahah

  • Benvenuta Delia, welcome back. I always enjoy reading your blogs and comments.

  • Grazie cara Mabbers!

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