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Only 7 runs to go!!!! W7R2

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I guess it's the risk that we all run towards the end of the programme, the less breaks you get, the more your mind plays tricks on you. I'll be totally honest that I'm finding it hard to get motivated to run now that I have to run continuously for 25 minutes.

Don't get me wrong, I know I will always be elated when it's complete and I'm pushing for longer distances with faster times which is a major achievement so early in the programme BUT I feel a little alone in the fact that I literally cannot drag my lazy bum off the couch to complete the runs.

So this week went like this:

Monday - Netball so no running

Tuesday - Rest Day

Wednesday - Ran W7R1

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - A load of excuses that were all made up

Saturday (today) - procrastinated until 9pm, felt fat so guilt ran myself

So now I'm sad that I'm no longer finishing my weeks on a Saturday, it used to make me feel great on a Sunday. Technically W7 is taking me two weeks 😭

I know I'm strange but I'm feeling pants and have no-one else to tell. Sorry! πŸ™ƒ

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Wow - I've only just done W3R1 and am finding it mind blowingly awful that I've got to run for 3 minutes continuously πŸ˜‚

You play netball - the only exercise I do is ambling along with the dog πŸ™„

My excuse for not running would be - can't be arsed, I'll eat a cake instead...!!! πŸ˜‚

W7 has only taken you an extra day, that's all. You seem so committed so don't beat yourself up over it.

Don't feel pants, you're obviously doing amazingly well πŸ€— Keep going..!!


I also had a lot of trouble with week 7. Things looked up on the final run though. Maybe try a new route or new music? Something to look forward to? You can do it and even the long runs get easier!

MuddyJane in reply to ejvcruns

Now I've cracked the distance of the new route I've had my eye on. I'm so excited to try it on Wednesday πŸƒ

Thank you! πŸ€—


Week 7 has been my problem week too. 25 mins runs are a real battle mentally. I ended up doing run 3 for the 2nd time yesterday - first time I have repeated a run but I needed to to get that 'nailed it' feeling again. After the first 3 week 7 runs I felt pretty low too. I tried new music and route and that really seemed to work. Don't worry about how long it's taking to complete the programme - just keep getting out there and run!

MuddyJane in reply to Ificandoit

Thank you, I gave myself a kick up the bum. Same route but decided not to stop if I felt comfortable enough to finish the loop. I felt like rubbish but did it anyway and now I'm basking in good muscle ache!

So happy, thanks for the motivation πŸ€—

IficandoitGraduate in reply to MuddyJane

Brilliant! It's so weird how some runs are better than others. I started week 8 this morning - a good run for me so I've been basking too today!


exactly same stage, i did my Week 7 run 1 wednesday and my run 2 yesterday. I normally finish on a saturday too, so am out of synch. i however intend to not beat myself up (ha ha ha just been lying here in bed doing that) a's i am out of synch...but i am doing park runs now (yikes is this really me) which are on saturdays, so will stay at my tuesday, thursday, saturday runs unless i can't then will do mon, wed, Saturday. so near end I am not thinking in terms of weeks now, just 7 more runs to the end! can't believe i am saying this.

I realised it's a mental game now probably more than physical, although i want to end up with a runners body as one of the mentors calls it. Slow and steady. Come on...don't give up! Let's have a week 7 'we can do it club'.

i want to follow you but I haven't found a quick way to find subscribed, following threads yet! will try and work that out.

MuddyJane in reply to Hidden

Now I don't feel so alone.... I have an online running buddy! πŸ€—


sorry not to reply, i am struggling to find my way around the site and to catch up on threads...all my mental energy has gone into running i think!!!


Running to time has its own special kind of torture. Anyone who has done HIIT training will tell you 30 seconds of, say, star jumps can feel a lifetime compared to doing a specified number of star jumps.

When you complete the programme it is likely that you will not run to time but run for distance, which will, I'm certain alleviate some of the mental torture.

In the meantime, perhaps you should not worry too much about getting faster at this stage, pushing yourself to your limit each and every time will burn you out. Enjoy some nice gentle runs too. A mile is a mile however quick you run it.

Everyone losses motivation from time to time. I have put off running, and later regretted it many times. On the other hand I have never gone out for a run, and regretted doing so later.

Think how great you want to feel on a Sunday, having smashed it all week!

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