New to here, due to do week 6 run 2!

Hi all, been reading many posts and replies and thought I would post as you all seem so friendly and helpful! I was due to do the second run of week six today but had such a poor nights sleep I just couldn't face it when the alarm went off at 5.50 this morning! I try to do two runs in the week before work so have to be out of the door by 6 am. I was so tired that I really don't think it would have been a very good run but I'm now cross with myself for not going. Also, whilst I have every intention of doing the run tomorrow, I'm scared that I'm on a slippery slope to dropping out! Not really sure what anyone can say, suppose I just want people to make me feel better!! Self pity is really not attractive is it?!


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15 Replies

  • Hi Emmalouise.

    Don't beat yourself up for missing a run. Sometimes your body knows best and you need to learn to listen to it. Don't think of it as falling off the wagon. You are still in a training regime and one missed day is insignificant. If you think of it as the slippery slope to failure that's what it is likely to become! Get yourself prepared for tomorrow. Check the weather forecast. Lay out your running clothes and have an early night after a nice relaxing bubble bath and a cup of Horlicks. Good luck. Let us know how it goes!

  • Hi I'm new here this week also - just done W3/R2. I agree with turnturtle that you shouldn't worry about not doing your run. Just because we've planned a run doesn't mean it's right for our bodies at that time. When you have had a better nights sleep you feel so much better tomorrow.

  • It can be so easy to beat yourself up for not going out, I found myself in that trap today thinking well I'll just go out this evening (I'm a morning runner) but really I'm not well enough to go out. Sometimes we are really tired/unwell and we have to listen to our body give it the rest it needs. Don't see it as a defeat seeing as taking positive control to rest when needed and go out that much stronger. You've come this far. Good luck with your next run.

  • Just count it as a extra rest day & your doing your muscles a great favour anyway .

  • Thanks everyone, was just feeling sorry for myself! Have given myself a good talking to! Everything is ready for the morning so no excuses will be made! Will post the results of week 6 run 2 tomorrow......promise!!

  • Awwww - I think you're doing amazingly to get up so early for your runs. I know, I could never do that (I'm an early evening runner). Keep posting on here & remember why you started doing this - you've got to W6 which is pretty fantastic - keep going - you can do it!!

  • Hi Emma and welcome to the friendliest running club in the land: Club C25K! :-) Don't beat yourself up about not going out when you feel too tired; it can lead to an 'off' run where you don't enjoy it, in my experience. Not always, and it it's often better for having done it, but don't force yourself out if you don't feel up to it.

    Getting up early to run isn't easy (early runner myself) but I find it helps if I get everything, as much as I can, prepared the night before, for both work and for running, so that I have minimal faffage in the morning.

    No feeling bad, and good luck with W6R2! :-)

  • Hey. It's just one run. No reason to think its the start of a slippery slope. You may feel completely different after a good night's sleep. I think you deserve a medal getting out there at silly o' clock. Good luck. You can and will do this!

  • let us know how you do, I do W6 R2 on Sat am , so will be interested in how it went for you ( I also missed a run this am and felt awful about it, so I ran this afternoon and had a brilliant run )

  • Thank you all for being so lovely! Well I did it! Found it ok, I knew that I was slower than usual but I think I was worried about not being able to finish the runs so slowed down. Managed it quite comfortably really and chuffed that I've done it! 25 mins next!! Eek!!

  • Well done, you will be fine.

  • I've missed a run day on Fruday due to a really irritating cough and the rain. Have promised myself I'll go today - but things haven't changed. Wonder if anyone else has advice for when illness/bad weather postpones a run day (or two)?

  • With illness, best to listen to your body within reason and not aggravate colds, injuries etc. Running in the rain is actually quite nice as long as its not windy as well and you can get a shower & change afterwards.

  • We all get like that.. We are human after all! The amount of times I've set the alarm aiming to go out and run but then didn't are loads!!i do find once I get out there it's ok.. So.. It's ok to be human, it's good to share on here, give yourself some slack and go out and enjoy the next run... :)

  • Thank you, finished week 6 today so I managed to push myself!

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