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Have I graduated?

I sort of gave up after week 7 when I completed a 5k run as part of a triathlon, albeit a mixture of running and walking. I started to get bored with the podcast and felt better running without headphones. However I could not motivate myself to get past 20 minutes of running but completed 5k 3 times a week which was taking 40+ minutes again with lots of walking.

Today I went to my first park run in Maidstone. Now I was right at the back for most of the run but i ran, no stopping or walking for the full 5k and completed it in 33 minutes. It hurt but also felt so good. Everyone was really encouraging and I would reccomend this to keep up your motivation.

I intend to complete a couple of runs on my own in addition to a park run each week to help in my training for the Kingston 8 mile run in October. Who would of thought I could even contemplate this back in February when I was smoking 20 cigarettes a day and could not even run for 1 minute without being out of breath.

Thaks to C25K, Laura and everyone on here for the support. I may have ditched Laura at the end of week 7 but would not have done it without her.

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Not sure about this but as I see it, if you do 30mins run non-stop three times, which is what you do in week nine, then you have done what is needed to geaduate.


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