Just Graduated - what a great feeling

Well even i cant quite believe i have graduated this morning.

I was the one who in

week 1 - wanted to stop after the second minute of running, but somehow managed to get through it

week 2 - was glad to hear we were running for less repititions, but still struggled

week 3 - could never finish the 3 minute run as my breathing would go ( i now know i was running far to fast)

week 4 - somehow managed this as took on board all the advice to slow down, ended up running this 5 times as has tooth ache and had to have my tooth removed

Week 5 - was overjoyed to have completed the 20 minutes along the seafront, but ended up sleeping for most of the weekend as i was so tired afterwards

Week 6 - run 2, big fail could not run for toffee, only managed about 12 mins in total, but it was during that very hot week!

Week 7 - Felt brilliant as my BMI reduced so i was no longer obese

Week 8 - Struggled with the strong winds off the sea and hills, and then disaster had to take a week off due to painful knees.

Week 9 - Run 1, extra 2 minutes were hard and legs felt very heavy after a week off

Run 2 - Ran in strong wind and rain ( must admit i would rather run in rain than the heat

Run 3 - New shoes, wow what a difference they made. Well what can i say, went to the park, struggled up the hills at the start, then kept going at a nice constant pace, other runners acknowledged me when they ran past, walkers let me pass by, and on and on i ran. There is some event going on in the park today so lots of people around but i just kept running, then like so many others i kept going and managed to run 5k in 38 minutes 43.

Race for life around the same park July 15th so i will be out to hopefully beat my time.

So a very big thank you to the NHS, to Laura, and to everyone on this site that has helped me through my highs and lows, be it through your blogs, questions or comments.

If you are thinking of starting, just started or on your journey keep going if i can do this you will to.


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25 Replies

  • whooopppp! well done icandothis. a fab achievement :)

  • thank you

  • Congratulations!! It's great to see the lowdown of your weeks too, a definite inspiration! :)

  • it has not been easy, but it is achieveable, keep going

  • Well done you! Lovely blog and really encouraging to all of us coming up behind you. Enjoy your celebrations and the Race for Life!

  • thanks, good luck for the rest of your runs

  • Well done, I too did my W9R3 run this morning, it's a fantastic feeling isn't it? Good luck for the Race for Life. :-)

  • Congratulations to you to, it sure is an amazing feeling

  • Well done you! I have been looking out for your graduation blog! Bet you feel fantastic now! Good luck with your Race for Life, mine is a week tomorrow :)

  • Good luck to you to, i thought of you when i had passed the 30 min mark and thought if Holly can run like a duracell bunnie i can to !

  • well done how great to get through this and a good time too but good luck on run let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks, i will do i have been reading your blogs, you can do this

  • Yay! That's just excellent news! Congratulations on a great run and graduation!

  • Thanks Grammadog, and you to, keep going will look forward to reading your achievements

  • Fantastic!! I have been following your progress and it has made my day to see that you have graduated D) A great blog and a great running journey.

    I may do the same race for life too as I have been running around that park most Wednesdays! We need our C25K T shirts so that we can recognise each other!!

  • Oh thank you, sign up for the race , do you know the exact route? All hills at the start thats the part I struggle with,the last time i did it was approx 6 years ago, its a great day, and yes would be great to have our T-Shirts, might just advertise C25K it on my back if we dont have them by then, and yes it would be great to meet :)

  • Just signed up! :) I don't know the exact route, is it around the park a few times, or more on the roads around there? Has icandothistoo graduated?

  • Sorry did not reply, see the post below!

  • Hi, yes i,ve also graduated couldn't let icandothis better me, we do things together for the friendship and support. Hope you enjoy Hastings race for life , may see you there.

  • Yes icandothistoo graduated as well, she will blog later!

    The race is in the park you dont run on the pavements or down the road. We cant remember the exact route but we know the race starts in the lower park on the grass that is left of the bandstand infront of the cafe, you run on the path that passses the cafe that goes up the hill towards the road,(we always park in this road, its free!) cross the road into the second park, we think you take the second path on the left up the hill where you come to a gravel road, turn left then run up the path immediately on the right that takes you up another hill, follow this path it goes round in a large bend, you should be then running along the resevoir which should be on your right, continue until you meet the gravel path again then turn left and run along this muddy path, slightly uphill again, keep on it and then eventually you will see water ahead, when you see the metal railing/fence bear right then you should running along another resevoir on your left, heading towards the road. Bear right at the end, (mostly downhill and flat from now on) then keep to the left paths of the park,run past the toilets keep left then eventually you will run past the tennis courts on your right, then you will be back at the road, cross over , staying on the same path run down the hill right to the other end keeping left, take the furthest path at the end then you will be heading back towards where you started, the good news, you dont go up the hill by the playground, take the lower path and you will soon see where you started, however we have found that this is just short of 5k, so you may have to run a little further! hope that helps

  • Thanks for this. I will go on Wednesday and have a look at the route. I have started fundraising; very excited! It should be fun.

  • I am really pleased for you. Such an achievement Well done!

  • Hearty congrats to both icandothis and icandothistoo! Great job, you two.

  • well done fellow runner!! I graduated this morning too !!! Hurah!

  • well done fellow runner!! I graduated this morning too !!! Hurah!

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