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Week 3 Run 1

On my week 3 run 1, I am still struggling with running in the cold weather, however I’ve managed to run with best time so far at 8.33 per km and at 5.1km @43:38 min. I know it’s a bit slow. I use map my walk/runapp to time myself.

When I run I listen to my C25k podcast however, continues running up til the 5k mark.

Do you think it’s the best way to run or should I just map my run up til 30 minutes exactly by following the podcast?

Do share your experience and advice on this.


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I think you are doing great, but you needn't start to focus on distance at this stage.

At the moment you are building your cardio engine and the important factor is the time you spend running, not the distance you cover. Keep it nice and steady and build your endurance. Run at a comfortable pace, and build up your overall time.

If you keep pushing at your limit each run you could injure yourself. You need to build your endurance to enable you to run for solid blocks of time. When you are in the later weeks and running for long blocks of time, you could check on your distance - but try not to get too hung up on this. You can't build you speed and disatnce endurance at the same, so it is better you are comfortable running for 30mins. Speed/ distance can come later.


Great advice. Thank you.

Yes, I am probably too hung up on the distance vs. time.

Will follow accordingly.

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Follow the plan.... slow, steady and structured... forget pace and speed.

These are early days and your running legs and stamina and strength need to build up steadily. There is no such thing as slow or to slow.... you just follow each week and each run...:)


Thanks. I shall follow the plan accordingly 👍

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Read the section in the guide to the plan regarding tracking apps healthunlocked.com/couchto5... At this stage it is pointless to track your pace, you may well have to slow down to pace yourself for longer runs.

A new runner's body adapts best when you run at an easy conversational pace, with full deep lungfuls of oxygen.......so just go slow.

When you are tracking, if you want to know your running pace you just track the running, not the walking.


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