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Week 4 Day 2 - I need motivating :(


So I finished week 3 last Friday and I was really looking forward to progressing onto week 4 (halfway!!) even though I was just about managing to keep going for 3 minutes, I wanted to give week 4 my best shot.

Monday came rushing around and we started Week 4. I did the first 3 minutes then surprised myself and managed the first 5!! (although I was snail slow by the last minute). I was getting warm by this point so I took my hoodie off. In doing so, I knocked my ipod and skipped to the next podcast! Instead of trying to get the right place again Trace said she'd shout out when to run, walk and how long we've got left. I carried on listening to the podcast I'd skipped to (week 5) as I don't have any music on this ipod, did the next few intervals and then got onto the last five....

After minute 4, I just couldn't do it. I STOPPED and I was and still am gutted :(

It really annoys me because I don't know why I stopped. My left leg hurt when I landed on it but it was more than bearable and with a minute left I should've carried on, but I just stopped.

Not having the correct podcast on didn't help. When Laura said we had 1 minute left of the five on my ipod, we actually had 2 1/2 left and I think psychologically that made me not want to run anymore.

Now, I'm a positive person and I know we're all destined to have bad runs or not complete the full running times but with this being the first time I haven't ran fully, I'm peeved - I don't want this to be the start of a trend and I'm dreading run 2 of week 4 tonight.....I'm normally running out the door in excitement :(

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Half full or half empty? You've done one lot of 5 min so you KNOW you can do it. How good will you feel after tonight's run when you nail that last minute?...even better than if w4r1 had gone exactly to plan.

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Not long to go before I'm out tonight trying to tackle day 2. Like you said, I know I can do 5 minutes so that's hopefully going to drive me tonight to complete it! Will let you know :) Thank you :)


I suppose the only advice we can give you is to GET OUT THERE and run that Day 2! I sense that you know you can do and it sounds like a multitude of events conspired against you, which obviously forced you to cut the run short.

I wouldn't kind betting that if the next run will go by without a whimper. Use that 'aggression' on the the run and get it done!

Remember, you're half way to the finish line already, don't give up now! ;-)

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Ok, Ok, I'm going!! Hehe :)

I am halfway to the finish line, another thing I need to remember when I'm about to give in :)


You've had a bad run, thats all.

You'll sail through the next one, honest!

Trust the program and trist the lovely Laura!!!!

Good luck and enjoy it! :)

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I really hope I do sail through tonight :) If I do, a victory dance will be in order ;)

Thanks :)

Don't worry...you'll be fine next time around!! I think you were just a little at sixes and sevens because you knocked your i-pod off. I think the psychology of this running lark plays a massive part so that's probably what knocked you off kilter...but hey, you knew you 'could' do it so you will manage R2 just fine!! Enjoy! :)

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You're right, it feels more mental than pyshical atm so I'm going to try and push through....and lock my ipod lol ;)

Thanks for the support :)


I had exactly this with the first run of week 4 (I've just commented on another post about how I also failed Week 5 Run 3, I'm looking like a great runner... haha)

Once you do both the 5 minutes next time it feels like even more of an achievement - Good luck :)


Hehe :) All we can do is give it our best eh ;)

You keep it up and thanks for the support :)


I wouldn't worry too much. You'd have been fine without the technological problems.

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