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WK9 R3 - Big thanks to NHS C25K, Laura & all the wonderful runners here!

First time to post but just wanted to publicly say a big thanks to everyone in this community (&to Laura & to the brilliant NHS programme).

Did my last run last of the programme this morning - hard to believe just 9 wks ago I couldn't even complete Wk1 R1! It's still a slog but I'm loving it and have never felt so fit.

I read a lot of the posts here and got so much inspiration, tips and advice so really I just want to say thanks for helping me get off my arse and move!!!

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Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your graduation. I did a lot of lurking before I posted my first blog. The programme is great isn't it? Seems to be the right pace for a lot of people, and easy to slow it down if it isn't. And of course, the lovely Laura encouraging us all the way.

So, what's the plan now? Carry on running 30 mins? Get to 5k (if you're not already?) increase your time, get faster? So many options. :-)

Well done and good luck for your future running.


Thanks so much! Am so happy to have graduated - big beaming head on me! - but lots more to do. Not anywhere near 5k (only about 3.8K at the mo) so that's my next goal. And need to work on speed but I know I'll get there in the end. That's what's so great about this programme - so gradual yet you make real progress.

Thanks again!


Well done Vespie, that's amazing. Big pat on your back from ME!


Thanks so much danzargo, really appreciate it! Best of luck in your running!


Well done and congratulations on graduation .... And we didn't even know you were out there! ;)

Hope you will now stay active and keep running - it's such an overwhelmingly satisfying feeling to know you've done the course, off yer butt, and are actually loads fitter!

Maybe you can be persuaded to hang around on the forum from time to time to chivvy on other newbies who are too shy to post? They'd appreciate your support too ;)


Thanks! I know, I've been a "lurker" but just didn't feel like a "real" enough runner to post about my journey. But now I do! And I'm spreading the word to anyone who'll stand still long enough!

It's such a great programme - realistically achievable and gives a great confidence boost.

Onward and upwards to the next goal (really getting to the magic 5K!)


Well done!

I know lots of peole hate the music (way I look at it, think what charges would have to be for royalties if it was all hits and you'd probaby still hate 50%) but I really agree with you that this an amazing programme from the NHS. I came across it by chance and haven't seen any real publicity for it which seems a shame. The NHS gets so much bad press perhaps someone should shout a bit more about something which is a real success story! If I had had to pay for c25k I never would have done it (because to be honest I didn't think I'd get past week 2); the fact that it was free made such difference. This forum is a real inspiration too.

Keep running and tell us when you nail that 5K!


Fantastic for finishing the 9weeks. Your distance will come I never reached the 5k till after graduation but now 6 months down the line u have done a 10k . Do let's us know how you get fantastic job



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