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Message to all slow runners!

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Graduated (end of week 9) April 8th, ran my first 5k (43mins) last week, and did the same again (same route same time - I am nothing if not consistent) this week.

I've had a few adverntures with doing Fartlek style re-using previous weeks podcasts to help increase my speed!

I just wanted to send a message to encourage all slow runners! I keep seeing posts saying "I am very slow" and then I read it and realise they are loads faster than me!!

So I thought I would send a post to say - if you're running you're running and speed isn't the be all and end all. In one month I am doing a 5km race with colleagues and I know I will be the slowest of our group - in fact I am fairly sure I'll be the one that the "mop up" runner (yes that is the phrase the running club uses) has to run with.. but i am going to do it - because I AM running!

So if you're slow - 3 cheers to you - and to me!


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Hi Anne-Marie

I soo get what you are saying! I too am a slow runner and i used to think

the same way until I thought at least I am out there running and not sitting on the sofa at home, and it must give us the same sense of achievement and wellbeing whether we are fast or slow. Maybe I will get faster in time but I dont really mind if i dont. My time is about the same for a 5k but we still run

the same distance! so I am with you on this - 3 cheers to us!!


haha, i am very very slow and expect to be for quite some time. tbh it's one in the eye for gravity that i can run at all so i'm trying not to worry about the fact i can walk faster than i run. i dont ever want to be mopped up though.

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That's very encouraging thank you! I'm learning to ignore stats and concentrate on simply enjoying the run because that's what it's all about for me :)

3 cheers indeed! :)

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And I am proud to be a tortoise! Speed is definitely over-rated! :-)

Amen to that, Anne-Marie!

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Hi Anne-Marie,

Your post reminded me of one of my favourite pieces of motivation I've come across since starting running, it is a simple quote:

"No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch."

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