Couch to 5K

running from Asia to Europe thanks to C25K

I used to run as a school boy but that was many years ago now and whenever I tried to take up running again it was a miserable failure. Most times I didn’t even get out of the house and when I did it was for a one off session that was unpleasant and often resulted in injury.

I always wanted to run again and when I saw the C25K programme I thought I’d give it a go. 2 years ago I did week one run one and can still remember the pain in my chest and wanting to die. But I persevered and finished the programme. I have since moved to Istanbul where it’s hard to run outside with the crazy traffic, hills and bad pavements so I only run on a treadmill which is a bit boring

But now I am so proud. On Saturday I did the 10 KM Istanbul run across the bridge from Asia to Europe and it was easy! Without stopping! Under an hour!! The main problems were dodging all the people who were treating it as a walk and that we missed the bag bus so had to run with our bags across our backs. I’d been out in the week for a 30 min practice in a park so I had an idea of what it was going to be like.

I think this C25K is just such a brilliant idea and I love reading how the most unlikely people succeeded in finishing it and even going on to longer distances. I remember the times when I found it a bit harder that reading what others had done really helped so now I feel I’d like to say thank you to everyone.

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Hi Iyadam,

You should be proud - well done on your achievement! 10K under an hour is very credible.



thanks for that such a great feeling to finish it considering how bad i felt after the first minutes of C25K. its a brilliant idea.


Congratulations a sounds like a fantastic place to run. Great time too!


Great post and a great time as well. Sounds like a really fun run even with the walkers. Well done and happy running.


What a fantastic run! Running from Asia to Europe - wow! And a great time as well - congratulations :)


Wow sounds like a fab run and a great time congratulations!


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