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A wonderful surprise, but most of all a big thank you to NHS for C25K!!


Yesterday afternoon the phone rang and a male voice said "Do you know who this is"? Well it could have been a nasty caller but something said I know that acsent. Friends and neighbours from way back 30 years were here in the city, him on business his lovely wife keeping him company.

Can we meet up was their question, my reply just get yourselves up here right now, just could not wait to see them again. We have always kept in touch at Christmas so knew what had been happening in each others family lives.

Now for the thank you to C25K, they arrived, we hugged one another then they both said "OMG Liz you haven't changed in 30 years your still as slim as ever" Oh thats the running pipes up hubby who is always proud to spout off that his old dear is a runner.

So anyone feeling that its getting to be a bit of a struggle to keep going, its well worth the time and energy, you will be much healthier, fitter, you'll be able to run for that bus and even keep up with the grandchildren when you go to the park.

So thank you NHS C25K and C25K+ you are the reason I'm slimmer, healthier, fitter and happy today. :)

We are all off out for a meal tonight before they leave but they were both interested in my running, will make sure they have details on where to find the podcasts and this wonderful site, you never know they could be running too before long. :)

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That's so brilliant! It's great to get that confirmation. It's hard work to keep fit, but worth it in every way :)


Here Here!

BluepianoGraduate in reply to Bluepiano

or is it hear hear?


Lovely! :-)


What a lovely compliment and boost of confidence for you! :) How nice too that your hubby is so proud of you!

Enjoy your meal tonight and you can be the NHS C25K ambassador over dinner! ;)



Such a great blog oldgirl! :-) Enjoy the visit and hopefully we may have a couple of new members to the Community soon! :-) Gayle


Oh, how very lovely! :)

I was selling c25k to a nurse at my GPs this morning - she was very interested in it too!

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