Couch to 5K

Thanks for all the advice and support

Thank you to all the advice from everyone on here yesterday.I completed week one day one this morning. I was surprised how I completely lost myself in the experience listening to Laura's instruction.

Embarrassingly, my arms kept on trying to pick up the beat of all the dance tracks.

I was extremely grateful when she announced there were only two runs left.

What a great inspirational programme to have discovered.

So far I have a stiffness on my left shin but nothing else to report.

Will keep you posted as I try to get through the next few weeks.

Once again thanks for the advice and support.

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Its a great programme, good luck.


Well done, that's the hardest one out the way. Welcome onboard the good ship c25k.


Congratulations, You're right, it is a great programme and it's an amazing feeling as you run through the weeks (excuse the pun!). As Greg_M said, the hardest run is out of the way now :)


Well done! I bet you feel great despite the pain! That first run is so hard but I personally felt like Rocky making it to the top of the stairs - arms in the air and all! Good luck.


Well done! Getting started is the hardest part :) Good luck x


Well done :)


Great to hear this! Keep coming back for more words of wisdom and pats on the back!! :-)


Been looking out for your first run blog!

Ha ha! You'll be hooked by the end of week one!

Great stuff :)


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