Juneathon fail

I'll own up now - I shouldn't have signed up for this. I'm worn out and have struggled to fit things in around work, family etc I'm concentrating on my half-marathon on 7th July and that means being kind to my achilles tendons, as both have been troublesome for a long time.

I think I'm benefiting from taking rest days, after the intensity of the 5x50, when I got quite obsessive and averaged 10k a day. I managed a PB on the club handicap today - more than a minute quicker than last time so I think laziness it working for me at the moment.


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13 Replies

  • I am amazed you found time and you should be pleased with what you have achieved. Sounds like you have made the right decision.

    Hope the training goes well and good luck with the half marathon. :-)

  • Thank you, I think I'll make it to the half marathon this time - had to knock it on the head twice due to injury so this time I want to get it right !

  • Good luck with your half marathon. This is your priority right now, and you're right to make every decision count towards looking after those precious legs! Let us know how you're getting on.

  • I don't like giving up but the reality is I shouldn't have signed up for Juneathon when I already had a challenge to meet. Thanks for the support :-)

  • I have read time and time again that rest days are essential, it's when we build strength, especially when building for a distance. All my best wishes for your hm, you must be coming up for tapering soon? :-)

  • I'm hoping to do 11 miles this Sunday and 12 next week, followed by an "easy" week and then the hm. Thank you x

  • Oh Heavans you make me feel so lazy when I can't even do wk6 runs. I hope everything goes well and you should be very proud of what you have fitted in. Good luck!

  • You're not lazy - you're working towards a target ! Thank you :-)

  • Very wise decision to take rest days, both for your training and your longer term health. You really don't want to jeopardise your efforts for the sake of juneathon. They say resting and recovering is as important as running, especially now as there's not long to go!

  • I think the benefits of rest days are showing up more having done the 5x50 - I've got used to exercising when tired and need to balance things more now I'm trying to build up my distance. I've put off looking at the responses to my blog all day as I felt such a failure but all your comments have made me feel a lot better. Thanks all xx

  • Well I haven't kept up Juneathon either, if that's any consolation. I've been feeling really tired, and my last few runs have been really hard work, and I've ended up with several days with no more than a short slow stroll.

    I think it may be linked to reintroducing oats to my diet (I was diagnosed as coeliac last year, so can't eat gluten, and they recommend excluding oats too, initially, as some coeliacs react to the avenin in oats) - my insides don't seem to have been quite so well behaved, so maybe the leg tiredness is linked to energy intake.

    Need to get a blood test booked anyway. So I'm not beating myself up about less exercise - and I feel a bit better in a way knowing that it's not just me - though I really don't think you have any need to feel bad about it at all, when you're training for a half marathon!

    I've got a 5k Race for Life next weekend, and at the rate I'm going, I may well be walking it, but that's ok.

    All the best with your half marathon training - I really hope you make it this time, as you've worked so hard towards it. :)

  • Thank you. My insides don't seem to like me much at the moment either - it can leave you feel quite drained. I'm taking iron tablets again and allowed myself a lie-in this morning so I hope I'll manage 11 miles tomorrow - I'm not worrying about time, just the distance. I'm hoping that race day adrenalin will give me the extra bit of speed. Will try out a High 5 drink tomorrow to make sure there are no ill effects on a longer run.

  • Me too with the iron tablets! Anyway, I've been out for a short run (a measly 1.5 km, but that's more than I've done for several days), as reading posts on here made me think I'd better try a bit harder!

    Take care, and hope tomorrow goes well.

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