Week 6 run 3 fail :(

Well I've just attempted week 6 run 3 and had to start my warm down walk after 20 minutes running as I was at the staggering stage! I know the advice will be to slow down but I already feel I'm going so slow a tortoise could pass me - I cover about 2.25km in the whole 5min warm up walk, 20min run and 5min warm down walk. I run on a treadmill at an incline of 1 with a walking pace of 4.1kmph and a running pace of between 4.8kmph to 5kmph. Any advice my dear Couch to 5k friends? What do you think of my pace? Too fast? Too slow? I am a rather large middle aged lady, so just bear that in mind with any advice on pace - lol! I'm determined to smash it next time I try :)


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  • Don't worry about comparing pace and distance, it's all to be lead from your own body.

    Sounds like you were still going too fast and slowing down will be the answer xx

    I definitely 'ran' the last 5 minutes of my wk6r3 slower than I walk- slower than small children can walk- but I was just determined to reach the finish time!

    As week 7 is the same runs you definitely don't need to repeat but just go slower no matter what your mind tells you x

  • Thanks for the advice. I think I'll have to try being a bit slower (!) on the next run.

  • I can't help with treadmill settings as I've never used one but the right pace is one you feel comfortable with! If you're finding it difficult, slow down. There is no right or wrong - everyone of us is different and will have a different comfortable pace.

    Start a little slower and if it feels okay and you want to, you could try speeding up a bit but please don't get hung up on speed/distance, it really is of no importance. All that matters is that you complete the run the best way for you. And of course, what works one day might not work another day - that's life. Everyone has good days and bad days. Enjoy the good and accept the bad!

    Oh and one more thing.....there is no such thing as a failed run! Every run counts - it may not be the run you'd intended, but it's still a run and adds to the running 'bank balance'.

    Good luck for the next one!

  • Don't get hung up on numbers! Just listen to Laura and do the programme exactly as she say's.☺ btw there's no fail word on here, just a hiccup!..

  • First off you did not fail anything. Any run or workout that doesn't go to plan is an opportunity to learn from.And that is how we get better.

    Secondly, the only criterion for judging whether your pace is too fast or too slow is whether it is the pace that works for you. The numbers don't make any difference. if you're not sweating or breathing hard at the end, it is too slow. If you can't sustain it till the end, it's too fast.

    Sometimes when my legs are tired from other exercise But I still want to get a run in, I go out and do a mile or two of zombie shuffle: I am just about technicallly running, but it is almost like jogging on the spot for the speed at which I travel. It is much slower than my walking pace. But it still does the trick.

  • ooh, liking 'zombie shuffle'! I'm just a snail-plodder at the moment. Wonder if there should be a glossary of alternate running styles and the pace they apply to lol!!

  • I like zombie shuffle! I'm not downhearted as two months ago I couldn't run for 20 seconds, let alone 20 minutes, but perhaps I'll try the next run a bit slower to begin with.

  • Love it...Zombie shuffle...perfectly describes my run home,over the lumpy, uphill muddy, fields...may I use that phrase please :)

  • Only if you sing it to the tune of the Rolling Stones 'Do the Harlem Shuffle'.

  • Huh huh... etc...

    You move it to the left, yeah, and you go for yourself.

    You move it to the right, yeah, if it takes all night.

    Can you hear me ?

  • Ha ha Rig ! :-D xxx

  • PP... the sad?? thing or the great thing, depending how you look at it....is... I saw the Stones live... In Hanley... I was 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So young.. so long ago :)

  • Oh lucky you Floss ! Wish I couldve seen them in their hey day . I love the Stones :-) xxx

  • Me too.. I have loads of LPs... ( long players, ) But...in your favour you have youth!!!

    Yeay, go PP!

  • Bless you Floss,but I must tell you it is a long long time since I could call myself a youth ! :-) xxx,

  • I saw them live in Leicester..... and I got paid to sell programmes!!

  • Yeay... well.... Sir Ben Kingsley once bought me a coffee.. so there :) :) Tee Hee!

    (Long time before he was famous though... ! :) )

  • Sexy beast! Great actor!

  • I got an email notification about your reply showing the first bit of text - sexy beast! Thought it was my lucky day, lol!

  • Big stones fan here!😁

    Have worked in Jagger's house on Richmond Hill..working on fire protection, and no he wasn't there, but was very interesting for me..πŸ˜€

  • Yeay... almost brushing shoulders with the rich and famous... :)

  • Scrap the incline. I run on a treadmill too and I never use the incline. It's still a difficult workout without it!

  • I use the incline of 1 because I read that running on your treadmill at 0 is like running downhill and can give you shin splints, which I was getting early on in the programme. You're right about it being a difficult workout and thanks for the advice.

  • I had shin splints for the first couple of weeks too. They went because of a combination of things: better trainers, not landing on my heels (do NOT listen to Laura about this), stretches before the run, and my muscles generally getting stronger.

    To stretch your shins before a run, sit on a chair and raise both legs a few inches off the ground. Flex your ankles forward and backward gently about 10 times. Hope this helps!

  • Thank you :) Great advice! I did google what Laura said about landing on your heels as I thought it was odd.

  • Slow, slow, slow, slow slow! (No quick quick)... slow it right down..take the great advice fromthose who know, ( not me :)) and you will get there!

  • Yep , can only echo the above Redd, not a fail but a learning curve. Every day is a school day. Plus we dont allow the F word on here :-)

    Keep at it , slow and steady is the way. Give it another go, you will do it ! :-) xxx

  • Sorry, no more F word 😁 I'll report back on how my second attempt goes in a few days time.

  • If you have any glimmer of an option to do so, try leaving the treadmill. That puts you and not the numbers in control.

  • I live in a small village where everyone knows me so my self confidence won't allow me to go out in full view of everyone. I think I may try putting my iPad over the screen instead!

  • I hope you'll take heart from the experience of countless forum users who have overcome the worry of being seen - but I like your thinking about a solution the meantime! (although that is not going to make the treadmill go slower is it?)

  • Lol! If I can't see the numbers then I can just run and walk at a speed I feel comfortable with instead of thinking that I need to run at a set speed.

    I also don't run outside at the moment because where I live is surrounded by roads and paths of 1:4 or even 1:3 gradient with virtually no flat land - I'd die! I tried to go out for a bike ride last year with my teenager and only got about 1/4 mile before I was gasping and had to turn around and push the bike home! Of course, this was before Couch to 5k when I was totally unfit but still those hills scare the bejesus out of me!

  • I live in a very hilly area (that's my view from bed in my profile) but have become expert in finding the flat bits... but that does involve getting in the car.

    The only solution to the bike issue has been to get an electrically assisted bike!

  • Like the idea of the electric bike πŸ˜ƒ

  • I've been meaning to post a follow-up all week - well after all the fab support and advice, I only went and blinking did it! I'm now well into week 7 and even managed to speed up the last minute of the run as Laura suggests. Many thanks to all!

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