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My first fail Wk7 Run1😒

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Just done first run of week 7and stopped ar 20 minutes - just couldn't go on. I tried a new route which I think was my mistake as it had more narrow pavements and inclines (or that's what my head to,d me!). This is the first time I have failed to complete a run and feeling very fed up,. BUT then I thought (after a long mental session beating myself up) hey I am 61 years old, I have got to week 7 and I have lost 10 lbs in weight in 12 weeks - onwards and upwards!! I AM A RUNNER!!

13 Replies
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You are indeed a runner and even more a runner now you've experience the rite of passage that is 'the bad run'


You are indeed a runner. Sometimes it's just like that - not a failure because you were out running for 20 minutes! Just what we have come to call 'a practice run'.

You'll be fine next time!

Yes you are a runner and this was just a bad run - a practice! I've had a couple like that and it's not a good feeling but you are right to put it behind you and move onwards....Good luck on the next one πŸ˜„ and well done on that weight loss - brilliant!

Happens to us all - sounds like you are doing great to me.


You certainly are a runner πŸ‘ blimey 61 and running for 20 mins I'm 44 and struggle to run for 90 seconds. You're doing fab πŸ˜„


You're just fine. New routes are great, but because we're not used to them sometimes we need walk breaks. No big deal. You'll nail that run next time.

You so definitely are a runner and practice runs help build stamina ! New routes can be challenging, I think you concentrate so hard on where you are that it lets the gremlins sneak in the back door 😁 I find narrow paths tricky too. You will nail it next time πŸ˜€


Hi dwynne! Don't let those gremlins win! You are a runner, well done for getting to wk 7. Keep going , you can do it.


Hello dwynne , don't be disheartened, you will do it! I've just managed a W7 run, but it was my third attempt, so I'm going do the week again until I can complete 3 in a row! Like you I just couldn't keep going on my previous two runs this week, it was too hot or my legs were tired and I felt disappointed too. Well done on the weight loss too, I've also lost a similar amount and isn't that a great feeling! Don't beat yourself up, just wait a couple of days and try it again :-)


Thank you so much ch for all your lovely replies - makes me feel much better to know I am not alone on this! Will start wk 7 again in a couple of days - and keep going till I nail it!! 😜


That is not a fail,it's a practice run as John would say. Wish I could lose 10lb, how have you done that?

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Mostly exercise, but have found that recording everything that I eat and drink on My Fitness Pal app has been a real help in keeping me focussed - especially where alcohol consumption is concerned!!πŸ˜‚


You have done so well to get this far. I'm 66 and just finished Wk7 Run 1 keep going it's the best feeling ever when you finish. I have lost 2 stone's in weight as well so double benefit. Good Luck next run mine's Thursday wk7 run 2 You can do this. Stay Positive.

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