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Another try... another fail

Well, that wasn't exactly fun. I did better than the last run (in total minutes, not in running one long piece), but still didn't manage to do the 25 minutes. I'm gutted.

I manged the 12,5 fine, turned around before the hill (the one I walked up last time and didn't continue running...) and ran back maybe a minute. Then I felt the stitch coming. I tried breathing in and out all the air, and it got worse. 20 meters further and I had to completely stop and bend over because it hurt so much. I never had a stitch in all those weeks till Week 7. Why now!? I don't think I'm breathing differently.

I walked for more than 10 minutes. Only started running again when Laura announced, that there's only 1 minute left. I ran for maybe four or five minutes before the stitch came backw. At least that's better than what I managed last time and gets this run up to 18 or something minutes running in total. No 25 minutes, but I'm getting there.

On Sunday I'll go back to my usual route. No hills, and maybe my body will no go "Oh she turned around, I can start getting the stitch in now!" this time. Wish me luck. I know I did 20 minutes and 25 minutes once. I can do it again! Someone only has to tell my body.

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Keep the faith.. Been there and beat it finally.. Look at the positive..25 minutes....and what you have done, not what you haven't . Could you have done what you are now a few weeks ago.. I bet not... Keep it up and you will do it, I promise..........


I have no intention to give up now! Let's hope I break this bad streak tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


You can do it again, you have just had a bad couple of runs (I had them all through w8!). If you've run today I wouldn't try again until Monday as you do need to have a rest day.

Good luck with the next run


Glad to hear I'm not the only one with a streak of bad runs. I hope to break mine tomorrow morning.


The only failure would be not to have gone out to do it! Any run you do is a good run. With heat, hills and stitches, you did amazingly well and you will do even better next time x


Keep going SuZi, you and your body are learning all the time.

I've really struggled in this heat and so have joined the local Pure Gym so I can get on the treadmill!

Would have a rest day if I was you, though. :)


I find I have stitch if I eat to close to a run. I prefer to have 3 hours after eating unless it's a light breakfast. Then about an hour. Good luck for your next run, you really are doing really well. X


You haven't failed in my book - you ran 18 minutes in total, you've already run 25 minutes - I can only stand back and stare in wonder as I plod along for 60 seconds at a time. Just remember what it was like at the beginning and you'll realise how far you've come and how much you've achieved. Turn the page and look ahead is my new motto.


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